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What are those yellow letters?

Those yellow letters in the attack, someone knows what it means?

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That’s a sign that someone has wasted an unreasonable amount of money to max boost that stat.


So, when the creature goes up a level and the attack is increased, will the number still be yellow and maxed out?

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Yes. The boosts increase the base stats 2.5% per tier. So a player with maxed out boost (T-20) has maxed the base stat by 50%. Ie based on a T-20 maxed boost, if the players base stat is 2000 then the boosted stat is 3000. If the player goes up another level the new base stat will be 2100 and there boosted stat will also go up to 3150.

Leveling does not remove boosts, but it does add one more boost that can be applied to the dinosaur. T-20 is max so no stat can be boosted more than 20 times.


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It means the stat is close to maxed/maxed.

I require pedantry to be preceded by a warning: this is as such.

Letters? I don’t see any yellow letters…


Oh my god I wish I could meet the person that made this Draco, so I could laugh at his/her face!


Hmm they are probably busy filing for bankruptcy right now lol, but hey they maxed their team finally =D, probably got a couple hundo more trophies too!
Sure now they cant eat for the next week but hey, priorities man, gotta put the team first xD


It is someone that wanted to be a moron by max boosting a dino that only gets put on arena battle 3 out of 8 times. The rest of their team is probably unboosted and are susceptible to a good thrashing. All and all it is a noob move for the simple fact they have no idea how to play the game.


The stat turns yellow when T20 boosted.
That draco has a T20 attack stat which is maxed.
(You would think it would be red)

In this case it should have a “crying of laughter” emoticon :thinking: