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What are you all going to do with your 600 hardcash?

I’m thinking I’ll use it to buy a rare incubator, an epic incubator, & a scent. Because that is what we missed out on.

What are you going to do with yours?


This is weird

So when I claimed my 600 HC it says I don’t have enough cash for even an epic incubator. Why is that?


I’m still waiting for my HC :sleepy:

I turned it into coin and levelled up some creatures.

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Where is this 600 HC you speak of?
Anyway, I’d save it up for more rare scents as usual. Milking the playground next to my house for wuerho and tenonto.

Claim it where?

I only got 100 hc after the patch and one rare scent

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that 600 HC was Ludia’s compensation to players who didn’t find the Rare cute strike, epic cute strike or the charger scent over the weekend.

I haven’t seen either

I used mine to put a Premium incubator on layaway. I can’t wait to open it in four months.


Firstly I will claim them …I don’t see no mail or something like that
Then store for the time of good possibilities or greatly needs

Huh? What scentstrikes? What cash? What have I missed? :face_with_monocle:

I just let it sit there till I need it.
It will probably be spent on speed boosts for the next advantage tourney though.

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gonna save up 400 more and take an epic sent to L1 and hope I get 3 brachis and I’ll consider it even

Last time I did that I got 2 Concavenators :sob:

An epic incubator is 5000 bucks. If anything, get epic scents (if you can go outside unless covid). They are worth it as you can get the same amount of DNA for 20% of the price

Buy an island.

I only got 100 bucks and a rare scent too :frowning:

I spent it on coins because I’m broke in JWA. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m still waiting on the reply I’ve only had the automated response.