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What are you boosting & why?

Since we are now a week in I was wandering what you have decided was worthy of your precious boosts, and what/why you’ve chosen what you have. Tyrants are obviously boosted 'cause … They’re TYRANTS, but what else was deemed worthy?

Thylo cause it can handle a lot


Nice! That’s a good and different one!

I actually haven’t boosted anything yet, I’m doing ok in the arena and I also like the freedom of being able to switch in and out dinos without worrying about boosting them first.


Mutant Otter is amazing


Current situation is like this:
Erlidom 10 HP/ 13 A / 0 S (will add speed when it levels up)
Kaprosuchus 0 HP / 0 A/ 3 S
Erlikospyx 2 HP / 0 A / 4 S (focusing more on its abilities first)

Same, but I will boost soon.

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Cool, how good is Kapro?

He’s more of a surprise swap in. But if his attack is boosted high enough, he does some major destruction. The current boost style means he gets to be even stronger because most won’t go T20 on HP, he can max out on attack, be quite fast, have a good amount of HP even at less than T10, and increase attack with ferocious. If direct attack isn’t a good plan for the situation, an Erlidom strike and run + a Kapro drop could take out a creature that had a bit over half HP. He used to be a great teammate in the old strike towers, with Erlidom’s strike and run.

Even with default attack, he can still wreck though:


Wow that’s cool, I never see basic Dino’s like that used. I’ve seen mentions if your Kapro and wondered about it.

He’s also part of my tournament teams as long as rare non-hybrids are allowed. Anything with dodge or cloak tends to get surprised.

Exactly he is a great team player

I haven’t boosted anyone for two reasons, 1) I don’t have a lot of boosts and with the steep cost of applying them I want to make sure i’m boosting endgame team members and 2) I don’t have my endgame team set up. I currently only have two of eight endgame team members (the two being Postimetrodon & Erlidomimus) so until I get the remaining six endgame team members I won’t be boosting anyone.

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Keepin it balanced. All are at around 3/4 health/attack, the slow guys are tier 1 speed with the speedsters gettin 3-5 I think.
I’ve seen TWO L30 Megalosuchus since the update :heart_eyes:

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I like your whole team, their all cool designs strong builds, but not your everyday opponents.

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I put everything I could into Max’s health and damage, then got Indo gen2 to about 6/6/6 before I realised I’d used them all up!
Currently working towards Tryostronix speed and damage

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I started with Baldcat because that counter swap in is vital.

Here’s what I did. I think I might’ve went overboard with Magnum’s speed but is fun!