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What are you doing in preparation for 1.7?


Ok this thread is for tactics and strategies in preparation of 1.7 patch.

I don’t flag any thing as a rule but be forewarned

(I’m gonna delete, furry trash, cancel vip, etc off topic) will be flagged.


Not huge amounts but holding off leveling a couple of creatures until I see the patch notes - notablely Dracocera and Procera.


With that said…

In preparation for the patch I am:

Dropping arenas so that I can play test any and all new creatures that come out.

I’m saving my coins and not leveling any Dino’s.

And I’m scouting for good WiFi and clearing up space so that I’m ready to get it. Also setting aside money for extra data pack if I can’t.

I’m also playing as many different team combos as I can with as many obsure Dino’s as I can to prepare for possible buffs on them.


Evolving only team dinos that need more survivability and damage. Otherwise waiting and collecting coins.


been saving dna and coins in case any of my useful dinos get a nerf or some not yet used dino gets a huge buff :slight_smile:


Total stop of levelling and spending coins. The resources May be needed


Stacking coins (450k atm) not leveling some dinosaurs (draco is still lvl 20) same counts for some other legendary/Hybrid Dinosaurs.
Also darting down Dinosaurs that I normally don’t need because who knows might get a good Hybrid (Made that mistake in the past).


Im saving DNA for new hybrids


Not leveling anything basically

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This ones hard to prepare for without patch notes.
I’m stocking up on my local commons I usually ignore in case of migration.
Working on Monostego (Seems the most nerf proof) to take the place of Dracocera in case of a nerf… That’s pretty much it going in blind.


Yeah, I can almost level DC to level 22, but since it will probs get nerfed im gonna leave it

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And dart everything I see like a maniac. There is still a possibility that some dinosaurs are lost in parks with the next update


My DC is 26 but I don’t use it anymore - its ready for 27 with a heap of ingredients lined up as well; hoping for a unique. If Procera doesn’t get a hybrid I will probably overlevel it - its 22 at the moment - could probably be at least 24.

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But really I’m just saving everything and have been for weeks or in other cases, months.


Pray that dinos like Toura and Godzilla get buffed. They sorely need it.

Saving my coins in case I can fuse any sort of hybrids off the bat.

Pray that Dilpo gets sent to the wretched Park zone or is given another lit hybrid.

Prepare my phone so I can be sure to download it all.

Say goodbye to the extremely slow progress I’ve made to my collection. As of now, I have 3 Legendaries to create (Monostego, Skoola, GiraTitan) And every Unique under the sun to create. Once 1.7 drops, that is going to be out the window.

Since I’ve dropped arenas for a while now, I just gotta dart them and play around with them to get my own opinion about them.


Not leveling a thing and see what buffs and nerfs they are

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Dropping exactly lol. Last time I was to high up to instantly play the new dino not making that mistake again


I know your frusterated but that’s just about off topic.

What are your preparatory actions for patch


What I’m doing? Darting dinos.

Like every other day.

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I don’t drive and i got a good choice of zones even a zone 4