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What are you doing LUDIA?

Good work ludia, you have taken 3 days of darwinopterus, last Monday was still active hatzegopteryx, and from Wednesday began to go through the streets the darwinopterus, now they are punctual with stygymoloch g2, today is Monday, it is supposed to leave on Wednesday for the 3 days they took us, To top it all we have no news on the 1.7


More like a stygy G2 invasion… Thats all I see on my map right now.


Full Stygy Gen2, no more darwinopterus, gg LUDIA

Dont worry we will be assured darwin is still spawning soon.

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Xd, Return my 3 days of darwinopterus

I’m not so bright to distinct that from sarcasm. They really said it?

Lol they assured us Darwin was spawning at the begining of last week when hatze clearly was still spawning so i would expect no less this week.


I saw one Darwin today so far. That makes 4 TOTAL including last week. And I really get around if you know what I mean :smirk: (not spoofing of course)

And I expect the same with the current stygi gen 2 invasion.

Oh jebuz, I thought it was me. I was like - “when did Stygi get released into L4?!”

Legit forgot that Stygi G2 was needed for Stygidaryx.

I thought that Darwin would be kept, so I totally drew a blank on the Hybrid Pursuit.

It’s not new Lydia censored what’s true about their incompetence. Being this sensitive won’t help you improve, but makes it even taunting to make fun of.

Hey anyone does this mean there will be a lack of tarbo at night again?

Oh no I hope not.

Yes it does. It dilutes the global common spawns

I’ve only noticed it decreasing the amount of majungasaurus spawns so far. I saw seven tarbosaurus today just in the past hour.

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Ya they essentially took 3 days Darwyn away from us without compensating anything.

But 1.7 should be dropping today if everything goes right.