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What are you doing with Darwin?


We now know that Darwinopterus is a key ingredient for both unique flyers. So where do you stand with DNA right now and what are your plans for the hybrid(s)?

I’ve got mine to 15 but not enough to get it to 20 so it’s a tough decision on what I’m going to do. Create and level the legendary? Or hope for an event and go for the mimus hybrid? Thoughts?


I’d say save up for now. For all we know the legendary and its unique could be garbage, or that the monomimus flyer will be insane. Or maybe it’ll be in the weekly event. Who knows. :woman_shrugging:


Even with a weekly event, I think it will be tough to level it to 20 and have enough to create the unique. I just wish it wasn’t the same bird for both.

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I’m not too far ahead of you.
Got enough to take it a little past 19, but it was not fun leveling up hybrids that use arena exclusives so I’m leaning against the stygi hybrid.

If the monomimus unique is as good of an amalgamation as we think it’ll be, that’s what I’ll shoot for. Granted it’ll take a crazy long time and the rest of the squad will be pushing 30 by the time this guy is made, so who knows if it’ll ever see battle :man_shrugging:t4:


I’m not so worried about that :joy:


Sitting on it until I can fully create one in one shot, then sitting again until the next one is ready… no preference as to who goes first. Like, @Hersh said, they’ll likely not see Battle any time in the near future.


Whoa, Jelly!! :star_struck:

@Piere87, mine is still at a level 9 …

If you go this route, just send a request.
I got your back :sweat_smile:


What am i doing with Darwin?? The only Darwin i will ever see…it’s his theory of evolution.I stand at level 11 with 511 DNA to spare.Another unreachable Unique for me.

I hope with the update to release more uniques that have not mentioned.


And to think I always got mad when I got it in an incubator. Thankful now!

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My plan is to wait and see stats and other patch notes before i invest coind i imagine the monomimus one is going to be a gross miscalculations candidate. And im sitting on mono dna atm waiting to see if i need to level monomimus.


That’s my other dilemma. Mimus is 23 with plenty more to fuse. But I’ve also got level 22 Monostego I’d love to level. Especially with the possible buff to slowing and nullifying impact moves. I’m holding on to any mono DNA to see move sets as well.


I got mine to 19 with 621 left… but I’m a collector so I didn’t think twice about using the DNA. I would eventually anyway.

One a side note, I found it immensely amusing to evolve Darwin.


Im sitting at 2.6k darwin dna and @ LVL 15. Was really hoping Darwin would just show off his passive skills and evolve himself but I got impatient.


wait til update/patch notes and see which one is better, one of them will probably be trash

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I have Darwin at L15 and 841 DNA; Hatzegopteryx at L15 with 47,017 DNA so I will be going for the Legendary; then its unique as I have Stygi G2 at L18 already with 78,269 DNA!

Also, I doubt I will create the Darwin/Monomimus unique as all my Mono goes into Monostego; just like I could create Diorajasaur but won’t as all my Tuo goes into Tuoramoloch. One day they will both be created but only when the others have hit L30 :slight_smile:


With who? Darw…what? :upside_down_face:

Now seriously, my Darwin and Hazte are at 15 and have enough DNA of both common ingredients to fuse. But I’m doing whatever Ludia lets me. Just wait for them to give us Darwin somehow. We have no choice nor control over how to find Darwin, there’s not effective way of grinding its DNA, so I will continue playing with what I have and waiting for Ludia to let me have another unique. Same as I waited for them to give me Indo or Thor… Or quit playing in the process.


Damn you guys have loads of Darwin DNA and I’ve 0


Best option as usual is to wait for the complete patch notes and stats.
Then we’re going to break down every new dinosaurs in the metagame and see if zero, one or both hybrids fit.
And finally we will do accordingly to our findings.

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I don’t even have the little one unlocked


I went ALL Darwin when it was the featured Dino a couple of weeks ago. And got really lucky and actually saw 2 in a park one time. But if they expect people to be able to unlock the new dinos they are going to have to do something with it’s spawn rate. Or release it from parks.