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What are you excited for this year

The tittle basically explains it all. What is everyone hoping for this year and what is everyone excited about this year. I am hoping that ludia reworks the fierce class a bit and I hat they rebalance some older Dino’s. I am excited for new tournaments and 3.0 this year.

Not really excited about much. More intrigued and curious about how their communication is supposed to improve and about recent datamined findings.


Changes to boosts as far as refunding etc. Goes


Not excited, but curious about the new tournament rules, datamined creatures and boost refund tokens.


Hybrids for Albertosaurus, Alankylosaurus, and Alloraptor are what I want the most to be added this year, as well as balancing fixes (and hopefully being able to remove boosts off of creatures I don’t use anymore without any drawbacks).


Spinocon, I should unlock it this year

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Why do some players assume we get the 3.0 patch?
Did i miss something?

I just feel like this is the year for 3.0 based of when we got 2.0 it was after 1.14 and we are a few updates from 2.14

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But the only big change for an update like 3.0 would be aquatics.
And i dont know if we are ready for it.

I’m really hoping for the possibility that we might get aquatics

I’m not excited for anything, I have a lot of hopes but they’re just non existent at this point due to the path JWA is taking right now.
For starters, we still haven’t gotten any news on a boost reset, losing hope honestly for it.
Tournaments are also a big part, there are many formats that haven’t been used often, infact, not at all. I’m sick and tired of the same formats used from the beginning to end, speaking of which, @Ned is there any news regarding a common only tournament? It’s almost two years without a single one, are you guys really going two whole years without a single one? I’m sure a lot of players aren’t happy about it, when are we going to see it? This month? Next month? When?
Raids I can mention aswell, etc…
I’ve just lost all my hope honestly…

I’m excited that Covid is becoming a common cold although that means having to drive to work again every day but as of now my going back to work date was moved to April.

For the game, I’m excited to be able to unlock the first 7 Apex’s in the next month or so depending on the weather. Working from home helps with this as I have extra time not having to drive to and from work.


We have already been informed that starting this month, we’ll be getting new tournament formats.
And if a certain datamined feature ends up being true, we might not get a boost reset/reshuffle anymore.


Not excited. Seems more and more bugs.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be something like that. Truthfully I felt like 2.0 was a complete rebalance of the game to minimize power creep for a few patches. I do feel like we might get another rebalancing update this year but I don’t know what they could add on to it like they did with raids from 2.0 Maybe they might add 2v2 battles or something along those lines.

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I hope for a buff of older creatures (they said that in a gamepress interview), expansions for all groups, hopefully marine creatures and a jurassic world dominion update cause we have already 5 new creatures and at least 4 new versions of in game animals confirmed

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Only april fools evente

Me too

Looking forward to seeing what we get with the release of Dominion this summer and still keeping my fingers crossed that we get aquatics at last.

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Me too. My prediction is update 3.0 will introduce aquatics