What are you excited for this year

I am somewhat amazed that still a lot of players think that adding Aquatics is a good idea. That Ludia is able to implement this without completely killing the game.

We have bugs that are there for ages which would be relatively easy to fix. Every new functionality comes with more bugs and issues. Just look at raids. It still is a mess and cannot even be properly managed without using a 3rd party app. We have tons of performance issues and one of the worst PVP experiences since release of the game.

Personally I have lost faith in Ludia that they are even able to do something like Aquatics (or any other big change).

Therefore I really really really hope that Ludia for once will just focus on bugs, performance and balancing.


I’m exited to see new features and creatures in the new updates 2021 we got flocks why not something new right?

A boost reset would be nice.

How that hasn’t been fixed yet is beyond me. All you can use to communicate are those worthless emojis and I don’t even have that “feature” turned on because it makes PVP unbearable.

100% do not want to see aquatics. I want to see more Dinosaurs. There are so many that can still be introduced to the game. I would also like to see a Stegosaurus based Unique or even Apex. Stegodeus was the closest we’ve had. Toura & Dio do not count, yes they have the genes and some looks but it is different.


I would be excited if the next update were just bug fixes, performance enhancements and nothing else.


I don’t see how aquatics could possibly work in this game. If Ludia had to add new aquatic arenas plus enough creatures for everyone to have a varied team of eight, it would balloon the size of the app immensely. Maybe it could work if they simply edited water features into all existing arenas and let the aquatics fight the land/air creatures, but even then there are issues involved in darting them (does Ludia just place fake pools on the map?), plus all the new models would increase app size. I just don’t see it happening.

As for the topic, I’m looking forward to new championship formats and whatever they do with boosts. Basically just waiting for that Community Update now to see how excited I should be.


Aquatics and a separate Arena for them works fine in JWtG and I don’t see it being an issue with JWA. As for them appearing on maps there is two options. One is simply that they appear on the map and that’s fine. The second is that they spawn near water features on the map but that would mean some players would require their Alliance to create and place them in sanctuaries in order to get them.

Anything can work if it’s implemented properly. I wouldn’t object to Aquatics if they’re organically integrated into the game.

me gustaria mas flocks
:turkey: :turkey: :turkey:

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I would like more flocks :turkey: :turkey: :turkey:

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That’s still a lot more size added to the game just to have aquatic. Not only do you need more dinos in the files just for aquatics and also arenas. Think about all of the bugs that would happen if they do add them. It just feels better to push them under the rug and hope the next mobile Jurassic world game has them.

The “Promise” of better communication. V


I get that but at the same time new creatures will have to be constantly added to the game anyway. Without new creatures to hunt, collect, level and use to make new hybrids, people will stop playing. It happens in mobile games and CCGs all the time. If JWA is to keep growing and giving as awesome gaming for years to come it needs to add new creatures and features, Aquatics are just as much a part of the Jurassic lore and popular with fans of prehistoric creatures, so it would not be good to simply ignore their inclusion.

Well for the time being we have flocks and their new moves ruining the game to hold us over. I think I they should keep releasing more dinosaurs and rework some of the almost 300 creatures we have so that the meta pool can change. Maybe give more exclusive animations to some and not just reskin so many creatures.