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What are you gonna dart this week

are you gonna dart a fearsome tryko? or are you gonna dart a powerful thor?

what are you gonna dart
  • trykosaurus
  • thoradolosaur

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let me know why you wanted to dart it

Why Tryko?
Of the two it was the most difficult to level to 30.
Will probably never get a hybrid, but doesn’t hurt to dart anyway.

I need to unlock Tryko. I only need 30 DNA and automatically Thor will leave my team

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I’m gonna dart thor so he can be lv 30. My tryko is already 30 so he’s secured with dna

Tryko! I’m 240/500 to 29, so it’s really a nice help to reach it :slight_smile:

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tryko cuz right now im focused on indominus rex. i have 1250 dna stored to get rexy to level 20 and like 1 pop but thats it cuz i managed to get 1,000 indy dna. i dont see her becoming level 27 any time soon. also thor is like the easiest thing to make in th world. i could easily get like 700 allosino dna with multi fuse and then fuse thor like 10 times.

Tryko as Thor is 30 and Tryko is 600 off 30

I don’t need either of them so it’ll be whichever one I find first.

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Nothing, apparently, because there are no green drops near me :roll_eyes:

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I’m darting thor because I’m so close to getting it.

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Non, i already have bouth at theire max level. With the non stop bad weather over here. I have no interest in leaving my house

What to dart if both are essentially level 30(thor level 28 with 1780dna) for me? Should I even go out of my way to dart them? Will the excessive dna ever be exhanged for more levels, coins, or even a boost for the given creature?