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What are you sticking with?

I’m still working on my ankyntrosaurus. I started to level it as an erlidominus counter - good armor, nullify, instant invincible… and I couldn’t care less about tryko, so, why not?

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I’m still sticking with my original 8.
Erlidom, Tryko, Dracocera, Tenonto, Dilo, Magna, Thor, and Indo.
I like Erlikospyx and will continue to work on it, but at L22 and no boosts it’s a long… LONG term goal. I expect no changes unless something changes in 1.8
(I’d like to replace Indo eventually, but well… I can’t.)

I just created Erlikospyx today and agree that one will be tough to get to team level. We have the same 8 with the exception of Erlidom (22), so Rinex is in that spot and I sometimes pull Draco and put Tryo in. I can’t hit 4800 to save my buns no matter what I do. I like the thought of Ankyn though and have a bunch of ingredients.

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