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What are you up to this fine saturday?

I don’t have a lot going on today. Plan to battle a bit, try to figure out how to better deal with stegodeus’. I realize I don’t really know a good consistent answer with my deck. Maybe needs tweaking.

What about you?

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That was a fun match! I wasn’t expecting to see that your spinotasuchus come out… definitely caught me by surprise!


You have quite a beastly gorgo my friend :slight_smile:


Haha thank you! That boy is staying on the “forever team” :slight_smile:️I

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I’m working on fixing issues with my Shoutcast DSP, then DJing. Other than that… I haven’t thought that far ahead yet.

I started my day with arena battle because who doesn’t want another incubator with more Stygi Gen 2? :rofl: Took forever to get matched in a battle and I’m only at 4300. Once again, my Monomimus didn’t get picked and I am up against two dinos who can cloak or evade. I won but only because my non-nullify dinos are over-leveled. :tired_face:

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@wrothgar slaughtered me twice in the arena yesterday, RNG wasn’t in my favor. Glad u guys had a better battle it seems😉 I dropped hundreds of trophies, still trying to climb back. Why dont u request to friendly battle anymore @Hersh?

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Haha, it’s always nice running into a familiar face in the arena! @wrothgar
I’m sorry @Danelle919, I sent a couple requests this last week but you may have already hopped into a battle or a dart session when it went through

(Hersh #2723)

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Do you see my battle requests? I do send sometimes but it seems you aren’t picking it up.

Can I add u guys? so that we can do some friendly battles just for fun/practice?

(TIMO #7193)

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@TIMO, if u are coming up as guest it’s not letting me accept them, please keep trying. If I’m not hunting, I always accept :grin:

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@Hersh Just sent you a friend request…figure I might as well learn something from some friendly battles with creatures I haven’t seen yet, if you’re game lol.

And anyone else wants to add another friend for friendly battles, lemme know, I’ll shoot ya my tag :slight_smile:


Ahhh just chilling on my weekend. Most likely will go out on my bike and do some strike events. I got 3 days of so!

Your trohies were too high for your team, rng was carrying you higher then you should have been.

I’ll send u a request, just lmk where to send it

I was only at 4500s and no RNG was never in my favor

What exactly is a 4500 team then @DracoInfernalis cuz most of the people I battled should not of been there

:football: :football: :football: :football: :football:

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Having a relaxing birthday with my partner and son, actually had a movie day including jurrasic World


GG @Hersh, :wink:

I was trying to test my newly created Unique Chicken on how it fairs in battle(friendly) before going on an actual battle in the arena to see if it deserve a spot on my team lineup.

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