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What are your darting goals tomorrow?


What are you expecting from tomorrow’s event? How much are you aiming to dart?

Personally I hope to get at least 50 :sweat_smile:? However I’m really really hoping to get a 1 at the end to make up for the random 9 dna I currently have.

How much did you get last time?

Can anyone actually recall how much dna you get for a direct hit on a unique?

So many questions :grin:


at level 20, you get 23 for a direct on irex, so i’d guess a unique is 22 or maybe 21. then scaled based on your level.

i was level 13 for the first one and got 50, so more than that hopefully.


Well if the weather stays the same as today I’m not expecting to get much of it as I’ll be only able to get the one that’s on the border of my radar


I want exactly 1 indoraptor DNA more than whatever @CleverBoy gets :crazy_face:

But seriously tho…

Worst case: 19
Best case: anything more than >79 and I’m happy


Your phone will glitch and you’ll get 18 …


Currently 70/250 on my indoraptor. I don’t come by velociraptors often. On average like 1 a day, if I’m lucky 2-3. So it’s pretty hard getting to 2000 raptor dna and spending dna on indominus too. My goal is at least 50 I wanna try to get like 70 if possible but we will see.


Wahhh I need 81 to level up. But I haven’t darted indom yet I’ll do that in the morning as it’ll be around until 1pm here tomorrow.

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153 would be really nice as I could level to 24 … but anything with a 3 at the end … including 3


@Hersh same here! Just to compensate it but by this xx9 is valuable for me… right @Heather :hugs:


Risked it in the rain cos the dog was forcing me to go out anyway and got this wich is about the same I get for epics so fingers crossed for tomorrow…


This was all from the last event. I think I was level 8 or 9 so I was happy with 20. Just hoping for an even number this time as well. I just need coins to bring my raptor up to lvl 20 stop I can start fusing as well.


I hope to dart 240 so I can unlock it lol.

Realistically tho I’d probably get like 30 or 40. From last time I only darted 10 :confused:


On June 23 during the middle of my indo darting, I forgot to put my phone on do not disturb, and was spam texted by my sister. Forever haunted, I could remember like it was yesterday :joy: Goal is to improve from last time lol… was lvl 8 at the time.


Any amount of Indoraptor DNA will be good. More the better though.


I’m saving all my T-Rex DNA for Trykosaurus. Skipping Indorptr. I don’t want to follow the herd of frequently seen Uniques. Though I hope my alternate choice for my first unique will present interesting battles for me and my opponents.