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What are your lvls


I am just curious about what lvls you guys have and what lvl the highest Player is. Maybe you can add your teampower too.

I am lvl 21 and my Power ist 2.800


Lvl 29, power 5071 :smiley:

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Lvl 30 with 4717


31, power 4750, f2p


Level 26, power is 3995.


Lvl 26 power 4340


You should really take a different picture thats covering your Support Key, everyone can see it


i’m level 33 and i got only 4750ish team. i got some hybrid and high powered dragon just sometimes ago, so still need time to level up those hybrid… F2P also here…


seems like there is no big difference between most of you. As lvl exp. is not linear I Think i reach about 4.5k to 5k at around lvl 30 too. hardest here is to get the same 4 Star again.


does anyone know whats the highest lvl Player? ja there a lvl Cap?

thx for the replys so far.


50 is level cap


level 24, dragon power 3440


33lvl Power 6003

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Level 25. BP 4250


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