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What are your opinions on these forgotten creatures

While browsing the forum I’ve noticed that some creatures aren’t mentioned at all so I was wondering about your opinions on them
#1 entelochops, this combination of Moschops and entelodon doesn’t seem to be talk about enough but seems to be not bad of a hybrid, a decent kit with some not so bad stats makes this thing a good fierce resiliant creature with it mainly utilulizing but not relaying on revenge
What are your opinions on it in battle?

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#2 purutarus, father of the more well known carnotarkus this creature is the combination of a purusuarus and a carnotaurus. Both of these parts seem to be fairly common(with veterens more likly I know you didn’t forget about that time when alliance incubators handed out Majunga, Carno, and Sino). As for it’s kit it suits well for being a wild card mainly relaying on instant distraction to get that rend damage in. As of now it has fallen a bit due to rend resistance. What do you think of it?

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#3 Meglosuchus, before now a bad gorgosuchus this dinosaur is now a decent choice for spending kapro dna due to a huge nerf in gorgo’s damage, this dinosaur offers a more counter attack based kit losing a rampage(but still having an impact) to having emergency heal instead of cleansing impact. Honestly I don’t know which one is better between it and its parent. What do you think about it?

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Another dinosaur is Spinotharaptor and Spinothasuchus right?

If I ever make a part 2 expect them to be there

I love megalosuchus design but I can’t be used the better version of this is dojira

Entelochops and Purutaurus are both pretty solid. They’re neither busted nor weak, so yeah, I don’t think they get a lot of attention. Neither is amazing in regular PvP once you get to using legendaries, but among epics they’re good. Both are strong in tournaments, too.

Megalosuchus kinda sucks, though. It’d be pretty awesome if they traded Fierce Impact for Long Protection. The issue now is that it’s pretty squishy, but its main value comes from staying in the fight long enough to capitalize on Ferocity and counterattacking. It has healing, but it’s too easy to two-tap with most creatures.

Keratoporcus as well excels in raids