What are your predictions for the 2.14 update creatures?

I’d like to hear your predictions for the new dinos of the 2.14 update, based off of datamines or just your own personal thoughts. (Remember to blur your predictions if they’re based off of datamines as not to spoil anything!)

Here are my personal predictions for the 2.14 update:

Anurognathus will be a new, exclusive epic flock focused on evasive abilities, maybe a new animation to fit it.

Preondactlyus will be a new, wild spawn rare, maybe with a flock, but probably more likely to have the small pterosaur animation set.

Ardontognathus will be a new hybrid for Anurognathus and another dino. Probably the Unique hybrid mentioned in datamines.

Ankylodactylus, when I first heard of it, got me really hyped, as I thoughr we were potentially getting an Alankylosaurus hybrid, but it’s only a legendary, so chances are that isn’t the case, unfortunately.

A new crocodilian Apex is arriving to JWA, presumably made from Grypolyth and some other dino, maybe the Ankylodactlyus aforementioned? This creature also seems to be getting a raid and could be a fusable Apex, but I’m not sure, maybe it’s just a new raid Apex. (To be honest, I hope it’s a fuseable Apex, it’s kind of fun to grind for the ingredients of something like Arctovasilas)

And these are just my predictions! What are your predictions for 2.14, based off of datamines or not?



Ardontognathus could be the legendary, I still hope that it’s an Anankylosaurus super-hybrid.


Ardontognathus can’t be the legendary as it is clearly made of Ardontosaurus.


But there is no way for there to be another Ankylosaurus hybrid without having a creature get three hybrids or having Bumpy.

Edit: It could be an Ankylodon or Ankylodicurus.

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It wouldn’t be the first creature to have 3 hybrids, may I remind you of Wolly Mammoth, Inostrancevia and Carnotaurus?

I know but it could be a third Ankylosaurus hybrid. Also you forgot Nodopatosaurus and Monolophosaurus.

But that means there’s a good chance that means its my hybrid.


Could be but there is also a new pterosaur the preondactylus

And we could have a new fierce-resilient creature like the mapusaurus.

I too know about the leaks, but I wish they made more ports of JW:TG creatures since JW:TG gets all JWA creatures anyway, so why can’t it be the other way around too?

Sadly, there isn’t any datamined or leaked information about Mapusaurus, we’ll have to wait for that one.


But its my favorite dinosaur :disappointed_relieved:

Ok so Ik its not likely but I saw (what looked to be) a sinomacrops in ProC thumbnail, so maybe that? Maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

If it’s ankylodic I will be very happy

Cant wait friday to find out
the only thing I know is that the new apex will 100% fierce

If it’s a balanced gator (not croc) apex, I’ll use it, if it’s anything else, won’t even unlock it. Not worth the effort

coug cough data mine cough cough

Don’t forget Nodapato, the first to have three hybrids.

I’m not, I just stated some examples to support my point, I don’t need to mention all of the creatures with 3 hybrids.

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My prediction will be dire wolf as a rare and an apex wolf with like flames or something