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What are your teams

hello everyone!

im new here and i’d like to know your rosters, their power, and what dragons you have?

i cant send a pic of mine but i can say what my team is.

axewing the second- green- four star- 505
fanghook- purple- three stars- 484
serene stormcutter- yellow- 484
anveil- blue- 490
zesty zippleback- red- 502

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Wow, you’re really lucky. I don’t have a single 5* yet.


Hello! I’m new here too.

Here’s my team, i’m planing to level most of them to max, but its getting abit hard to do soo.

Im new too, this team works pretty well for me

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Hi everyone,

This is my team so far. If i can manage to get another 4* Gloomleer copy i will replace Fanghook.

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Try this again. This is my team.

Normally I use gloomleer, but he breeding right now. Power is around 4900 for the team. I still have yet to find a 5 star

In this setup, 3 dragons heal, 2 buff dmg, 1 debuffs defense and 2 clear status ailments.
Going to replace that 4* blue with one of those 5* but cant decide which one.
Btw ive spent $10 on this game for those wondering.

  1. But the fish needed to keep levelling is killing me with 1stars having very little impact

Very nice and interesting teams - i am wondering wheather you get the 4*dragons by drafts or by breeding?!

Updated team

Hi all
Im new here, but have Player a Lot and read here daily… now i have finaly sign up :slight_smile:

Here is my Team with 4701 Power…

First of each was from draft, the rest breeding. Took about 3 days to breed the two extra Gloomleers (I think very lucky!) and about a week for the two extra son of skullcrushers. Lots of fish…

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