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What are your thoughts and a way to improve this team

After nearly 3 months out of the game I have entered again being curious with all these new updates.

after +2 weeks playing I’m just a little bit Lower than before, ranking a top of 5513 but with an average 5400 at the end of the day.

Eddie and Daryx unboosted.
Magna is 1800 attack 144 SP
toura has only health boost, nearly 7k
Indo is 1800 ATTAC 146 SP, 4720 hp

Thor 2/2 healtt and attack
Carno 2/3 on. healtt
Zor 1824 atack 146 speed 4400 healtt

the point of my team was to be able to have most of the times a swap in effect /attack. i barely use my dinos 1 VS 1 unless It is too favorable.

Eddie and Daryx despite being unboosted work really well.


Eddie now almost dies with Two attacks (I use It to counter erlidom and procerat).

Daryx helps me a lot to avoid those cloaked rampages and to deal DoT to those uncomfortable indoG2.

i want to give maxima a try but my main problem is that Argentinos are quite difficult to find in my area.

Any advice for at least a small rework?

I’d kick off Toura and Eddie for Ardentis and Tryko. Upgrade them though.

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Toura is a good one dealing with Indo G2 and a garantee to at least force a Thor to waste an instant charge once damaged enough.

I tried hard with Triko but… wont introduce It on the team until Indoraptor reaches level 30 so I dont have to work on two over demanding DNA creatures.

Eddie may go out once Máxima is at least level 25.

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You’re eventually going to want to ditch thor, turo, stigy, and edmonto. Stigy and edmonto should go forst. Indo is ok, but try to get indo gen 2. I would say replace the stigy with maxima already as that maxima is probably better, even with the level difference. That tryko should be replacing that thor eventually as thor is garbage. Try to get erlidom to replace turo as your swap-out.

You are saying Eddie is weakest in your team. Replace it with Ardentis.

Would put Tryko instead od Toura in team.

You can work on both at once. I was working on all 3 uniques that needs Trex dna same time. Indo is finished, Erlidom and Tryko are both closing on last lvl up.

The problem I face is I want something different from the teams that appear in the arena.

Eddie may go out first.

At the moment, Daryx is useful, a Ig2 killer when trying to escape. BUT the problem is it can’t deal 1.5x damage on the first turn, nor reduce damage received.

I like the way it works but Ludia messed it up with so many immune to DoT monsters.

Erlidom is level 21. No boost, and think too late to start making it competitive.

I’ve thought so much time on introducing my IG2:

  • Level 20 + 1686 DNA. Don’t really know what level will it reach. 24 I think. And still have some extra DNA of Rex 2 and will need nearly 4500 echo to make 100 fusions. which may turn into 2200 Idominus R.2 DNA. Reaching almost 2500 DNA required to do 50 IG2 fusions; another 1000 extra DNA to reach 25 approx? Problem added: no boost available for it.

Dont know… maybe keep this for a time, then may apply some of these advices with some variations.


Buy loads of boosts.

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The problem with stigy is that, when you climb higher, bleed becomes more and more irrelevant. I am personally about to replace my erlikospyx because bleed just doesn’t fit. Also, with all these high damage dealers like magna and erlidom being everywhere, stigy cannot do anything. There are so many threats that are immune to bleed or immune in general. Mammoth hybrids, gemini, max, and so on. If you want a no escape creature, sarcorixis and grypolyth are just far superior. The advantage with grypo is that it is a top tier creature when boosted, and sarco is a good option because of the advantage tournaments showcase epics (I don’t think there has ever been a unique). While stigy is decent in lower arenas, it just falls off so hard later on

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I think kick off edmonto because u can replace with tryko