What are your thoughts of this?

I’ve recently found these pictures in a JWA Group.

The owner of this account stated that he/she started the game in August.

He/she states that some money was spent.

For those of you who spend money regularly, do you think this is possible?

I will not post his/her name or username. Just want to know your opinions and thoughts.

depends on the time and money spent
if he/she played for 23 hours per day and spent over 100000 dollars than yes.


i been playing for over a year and have like 1 level 25. idk if thats bad tho

this is insane tho, they must either really like dinos and are broke now or really like dinos and be rich

They can do what they want with their money. Depending on their alliance and time spent on the game, it may be possible with very little money. I personally dont have that kind of dedication to the game.


What theee…!?? Screenshot_20201226-131449_Chrome ahhaha he/she has a bot for sure xD… whyyyy


The problem I see here is that there is so much Touaji DNA spent on Tuora and Dioraja.

Lot of rare turtle for both mammo and testa…

DNA that is quite rare right now and needed for two different fusions.

So, how much money should have he/she spent in so little time to get this? Apart for 24/7?

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It is possible, despite how sketchy it seems

I’d say that’s a LOT of money spent, possibly 100000 USD for all of that, if not more


Lv 20 sancs exist. As well as fip bundles and good alliances. I honestly couldnt give you a number because I have none of those (and by good alliance I mean maxed donations for everything.)

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Not a chance to get all that in 4 months!


If August 2018 then possible. Otherwise… :thinking:

Besides, there are still many other Spoofers supporting Alliance(s) out there. So, everything seems possible now. Why Lydia do not get them banned is out of my mind. And those who spoof will definitely be the top contributors for most of the Alliance missions. Week in. Week out.


Now exclusive hybrids seem to be low level… this seems reasonable with the right amount of money I’d say. If they started in august it could make sense for them to not have mortem yet.

Ludia encourages all players to be consistent with the definition of spent “some money”

Doesn’t matter how much money they have spent if the DNA hasn’t been for sale. I can’t see all that stuff having been on sale in the last few months.

15,000 cash will get you 3 epic incs. That costs about 100 US Dollars. The amount you need to do that to get to this point will cost a high high amount. This is def not “some money”


Overall when DNA from incubators are mostly based on RNG.

I doubt this can be done without some kind of “help”.

I would like to know the opinion from those top players + those who spend…if they’d like to participate…

You junior sleuths won’t crack this case!

The Apex amounts match up to what someone would have since August…the rest would definitely be a combo of dna from alliance and spending quite a bit of money on the game.

Even if they got alliance contributions for some of the easier to obtain level 30’s (Tuo, Thor, mono, etc), there’s not enough daily coin obtained in 4 month period to level those and the others. So that right there would show a good amount of purchases made for coin sales.

They don’t really have a lot of the other harder to find dna for uniques (like MRhino), so my guess is this person spent majority of money on coin but also some dna incs.