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What are your thoughts on concavenator?


I am so very thankful for the alliance missions! So if it never gets changed then I will be fine with it. It’s just, unless concavenator gets a hybrid, higher leveled players have no need for him. I believe Ludia has something up their sleeves. However, if I were to switch concavenator out I would replace it with rajasaurus. This is because it has a counter, is a carnivore, and is an epic. Who do you think should replace concavenator? Do you think there should be absolutely no change? I am completely fine with whatever Ludia decides to do!


Like the daily rewards, I’m sure the alliance mission rewards will cycle through different dinos eventually.


What he said - Metahub data mined a huge number of DNA combos

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Thanks, I assumed it too, just wanted to know what people wanted for the Dino’s

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I like what they’ve done with having each incubator being themed. Give us another usless epic, but at least include irritator, and I’m sure I won’t be the only one happy.


Concavenator has a great potential, i really hope he will fuse with a good tank.

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I upgraded my concavenator and also carno to level 20😁 not worth it al all all counter atack Dinos are weak and probably the weakest on game since day 1… I love them that’s why invested on them

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With the exeption of tryko


Yep I forgot him :sweat_smile:


Haha how can you forget the best tank in the game


Conc is actually kinda good…
Yes health is terrible but;
Level 11… 500 odd attact I think…
1000+ damage each time! He got me out of some tricky situations!


Basically concavenator is pretty useless, just like secodontosaurus, they really deserve some buff or a hybrid


I could get him on unique event last week but I go for the bad ass chicken and I don’t regret… Tryko it’s ugly😁


Haha i went the other way round i am not to keen on rng dinos exept indo


They actually have one set that includes pyro and irritator… should be next set in… id love that one or the one with ourano in it


Unlike indom… erli is way more then just cloak and pray though… that speed is key in most matchups erli goes first and has the ability to always goes first meaning even if you cloak erli only has to dodge once before he unleashes death. Hit and run lets it swap. And Minimal speed up strike is a great revenge kill.

Erli is way more then an ‘Rng’ dino… if i had to pick between it and indo, id be like indo its not you its me.


I would say indo is more of a all rounder then erli as it doesn’t need cloak/evasive to take out most dinos i feel its more mind games on indo the erli as i know its either cloak rampage or rampage cloak then hit and run


If i can… i will straight up kill with rampage then min speed up strike… then depending on how it plays out go for the cloak or hit and run. Rarely do i cloak against first dino match… often i save erli for a revenge kill with mss. Works well against rats too. I never really appreciated erli until I had him on my team… but he is more then just another indom… and if played right is more then just an rng dino.

Of course when your playing a majority of people who first turn move is always cloak/evasive you dont always see the flexibility.


Yh true been in lockwood its the norm even with faster indos i scream at my screen when they cloak/evasive turn 1