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What arena are you guys in?

Aviary at the moment but I tend to bounce between there and Lockwood Estate.

Aviary too (4563 Trophies)

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The Bridge. (aviary-library)
for months… :frowning:

sometimes i dropped purposely to very first arenas and climb back to have some fun. and stick again on the bridge.

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Library, around 5000-5200 depending on luck. Facing a lot of 27-30 lately, but I’ve got 2 buffed up speedsters (erlidom and spyx) and a mountain of a Smaxima (T9 HP), plus a lvl 22 Gemini (not boosted), so they keep me afloat there.

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I’m in Aviary where the Real Monsters are running around XD

I’m also in Aviary.


Sure about that? Lol


Oh :flushed:

Yeah… those are MONSTERS :scream::scream::scream:

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Early aviary

high aviary - low library. I bounce between quite a bit.

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5100 library

Gyrosphere… always right on the verge of 6k

Nublar Jungle :frowning:

Maintaining upper Gyro.
March 23rd I will reenter Nublar Shores for the final sprint.

The Aviary

I’m in mid aviary

Low Gyrosphere. Just reached it last season but fell back to Library. Now reached it again this season. Hope to stay there for longer period.

Low aviary but should be in high estate

Lockwood estate 100 trophie in