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What arena are you guys in?

Low aviary but should be in high estate

Lockwood estate 100 trophie in

Lower Shores

Just got into the Aviary on my secondary account which is unboosted.

Library on my main account which is boosted.

Library. Usually between 5200-5400.

I’m bouncing between Aviary and Library. I always get kicked out of the Library pretty quick since there are some boosted monsters in there.

Lockwood Library

I’m supposed to be in low Gyrosphere but sitting in Aviary.

A broken place called aviary

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Yo-yoing between NoFun Shores and Gyrating Depot.

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The upper gyrosphere. It’s weird; the top top players haven’t catapulted high in the shores still as of yet, I’m at like rank 300 with only 5940 trophies

Currently, I’m in high aviary, but I often fall into lockwood library. Though my level 22-24 team isn’t ready for lockwood library yet, it surprisingly won 3 consecutive battles in it once.

I am stuck in the abyss known as Aviary


Still aviary…

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Aviary,55_ to 58_ for a couple of months

Lower library, getting a little over fighting lvl 30’s, matchmaking is just plain rubbish.

Library 5200-5400

Managed to reach 5733

But back to reality they are pushing me again to low 5500

Low gyrosphere depot.

High Library, flirting with Gyrosphere. Constantly seem to be fighting highers tho, never a lower.