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What Arena should REALLY have been!

We’re all annoyed by how impossible it is to progress in Arena. There are no bots this season so everyone is fighting overbuffed dragons that make Arena incredibly annoying and a waste of time.

What Arena should have REALLY been is:

  • Proper PvP - None of this fighting more or less the same game except at a ridiculous level
  • Two players choose 5 dragons, no buffs, natural stats for the level of your dragons
  • Players strategically can choose to place their 5 dragons on the board against the other player
  • Both players are given the SAME board to work with
  • Each player takes turns to attack
  • Proper match-making mechanics

I’m guessing there aren’t enough people playing this game at any given time considering I keep seeing the same names pop up in my Battle Summary list. But at least this way the Arena would have been more enjoyable than what we have now.


Actually, you’re probably seeing the same names because no one can advance. You may be able to win one battle, but you’ll lose the next 3 (just an example of my own experience). I honestly kinda miss the bots. At least they were easier and I wasn’t stuck hoping my defending team would earn me trophies since I can’t get anywhere. :woman_shrugging:t2: But now we’re all in a jam with no bots to help us along. Slow :clap:t3: clap :clap:t3: Your idea would be nice, but connectivity would have to be consistent on both sides or - as we’ve seen, a connection loss would be counted as a loss/forfeit and people would complain about that, too. I just want them to roll back the overpowered defense. I’m a 6600 who can conquer a 7200 quest with ease but can’t even knock out 1 dragon in a 4900 arena battle. THAT is what I have a problem with.


Yes, you’re absolutely right that everyone is battling in the same area, which is odd considering if everyone dropped by half the number of trophies that it was really that different with the bots.

If they were to at least set the buffs to normal I think that would solve a lot of problems. The opponent already has the advantage of having to go through more dragons than you have, and the fact that enemy dragons already generate spirit faster than you do too.


It has always been this way,releasing a feature then destroying it shortly, nobody is really interested in it now,people now are happy to drop than to advance to get medals, so goodbye runes.

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