What Blue


I’ve been against blue in many battles and I’m absolutely sick of him. I don’t know who thought it would be fair to equip a raptor with pounce, short defence and to give it a extremely high shield. I have never seen someh5ing more op in a game and I doubt I will. I would say it needs a fix bit when have the devs actually listened to concerned and not the sound of people spending money on the game


I told about this. But always the People say “Blue is ok”
Answer: pay2win =/


blue is iconic isn’t she but all of them have pros and cons and decent counters, rival with one of your own raptors as the velociraptor has better speed or slow her speed down, I’ve levelled a stegosaurus to lv18 and she handles most well, I managed to level blue up to 12 so apologies from damjamfam88 if I’m the one annoying you lol I do get frustrated however when the random 4 they pick for battle are helpless against them tho haha


Blue isn’t P2W as she was available for people to collect from park locations a few days ago. So if you were not near a park at this time, then you missed out to obtain her for free.

However; even P2W players can be defeated by F2P players. it’s all about how much time you put into the game and in most cases people who P2W will leave a lot sooner than those who play totally for free.


If you consider 10% as extremely high, okay … but I would expect something like 30-40% as high.


I have fought Blue a lot of times now, never had the big problems with her, Even without any kind of raptor on my team


My common velociraptor went first against her and one-shotted her with pounce.


Yeah, Blue is powerful but no more so than other raptors and easily countered, specially now that most people only have her level 11-12.