What boost style would fit Tenontorex best?

Currently I’m sitting on 970 speed boosts.

Should I dump 10 speed tiers on it as soon as I hit 1k boosts, then invest the rest in attack? This would take it to 129 speed. Might be a high advantage against most Thors and tanks.
Should I go 5 speed 5 hp, and 20 in attack? Might give a small advantage against some Thors due to 119 speed.
Or 10 hp, 20 attack, 0 speed? This might advantage him against the normal tanks.

I would say put some in speed and the rest in Attack and Health, as it’s important to remember that even with Superiority Strike causing a speed debuff, Instant Charge can mitigate that and/or possibly off your Tenontorex after a hit from Impact, and definitely after a Rampage if you’ve somehow managed to survive that.

This is my Thor for reference. It’s faster than most Thors I’ve seen and almost always faster than every tank I’ve encountered thus far, but not to the absurd levels I’ve seen a few times.

The idea was if I go 129 speed and I meet Thors below that, I can distract them, which means their stun will not do much damage, and neither will their impact. Otherwise my Tenonto almost always loses to Thor if I go for more HP it might be useless since Thor will 75% of the time IC Tenonto to death before 2nd turn. Vs normal tanks (think Stegodeus and other rarely seen tanks) it could survive longer but not many of those around. Seems Tenonto could be of more use if it’s super fast than if it’s super tanky since the 2 mainly used tanks are Ardentismaxima and Gemini, which are either faster or will be faster on 2nd turn anyway and almost always win against him.

So I kind of want to go wild with all those speeds since I keep getting them in incubators and have no other use for them.

It my sound harsh but i wouldnt put boosts into semi viable uniques.

I put boosts on a Kaprosuchus. So …


I can probably afford dumping them into Tenonto and if I need more HP later on I can retract some speeds since I’ve pretty much filled my speedsters to the desired speed levels for various types of match-ups.

I have the long term goal to boost my TenRex heavy to HP with a 16/7/7 boost setup.

That would pose a threat to many tanks, but it would be bleeder heaven if they meet it.

As far as I know, a 50% speed debuff will always mean that without Dig In or any other instant Cleansing move your creature is going to be slower no matter what it’s initial speed stat is, unless your immune of course.

I personally wouldn’t advise going much higher than 129 speed, since if it’s going to outsped anyway by the likes of Erlidominus, Magnapyritor, or Erlikospyx anyway, you’d be better off tanking their hits and doing as much damage as possible to them in return.

I’d not pass 129 because I want my 20 attack. These speeds are just lying around (and many more to come because I have such luck that most of my incubators give speed). Might as well make Tenonto more useful instead of being fodder for Thors.
EDIT: At tier 9 speed, totally worth it. Mopped the floor with Tryko, Thor, and delivered a heavy hit to a Smaxima.

I think health is the way to go. If your tenonto can survive enough hits, it’ll do a ton of damage. Since it already has such high damage I would hardly worry about that. It’s nice to be able to do a ton of damage… but you need to survive long enough to do that. That’s why health is the most important to me and speed is also a good idea. A tenonto that is faster than a thor is a death sentence for Thor.

Goat gets his revenge on Thors.
Screenshot_20200428-011941 Screenshot_20200427-230906


My Tenrex is 14/14/2
Its main use is an opener to wreak havoc on the opponents opener and then adjust accordingly.
(It sometimes wins unexpectedly)
It also does exceptionally well vs Dio, Grypo, Orion, Smilo, Thyla, and Tryko.

Definitely much better in arena now. Also, kind of weird how it becomes a herbivorous creature when 2 of its components are carnivores.

Find mine to be a jack of all trades does well against a lot with big damage. Personally went high health and attack and a bit of speed, enough to be quicker than sauropods that aren’t super speed boosted. Thor doesn’t matter speed is a trash stat for it so let people waste speed boosts on it.

I’ve seen some Thor’s at speeds of around 143-146. Pisses me off sometimes. It’s that fact alone that I plan on having all my dinos in my strike team to be higher than that just to outspeed the Thors that decided to become green Sonics.

But that kind of dedication kills me, because I want to try out other new hybrids, but the sheer fact that I’m putting so many boosts onto the dinos that I currently have just makes it seem like it wouldn’t be worth trying new dinos out.

Only 146? I guess you haven’t met this Thoradolo-trollo yet: