What can get me to level up?

I’m 13,100 exp away from leveling up. What can give me that in one level up or more?

Each rarity gives more XP than the previous when leveling dinosaurs, with Unique being the best. I don’t think anything will give you 13K in one go though.

Well, it was worth a shot.

Is there a list of xp you can get from leveling up each creature and at which levels?

That is a good question. I’m sure somewhere on the new Metahub site there might be.

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I’ll check it out then.

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Well, I did some calculations and evolving my Tryostronix from 17 to 18 would give me 4500, that’s pretty good, and of course this information came from Metahub, here’s the link if anyone’s interested. https://metahub.info/jurassic-world-alive/406/jwa-player-progression-xp-mechanics/

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