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What can I do?

I don’t have face book and it won’t let me Sign In with Apple ,I am scared I will lose my progress because before I was signed in with game centre and it won’t let me do that.

Wait it says I’m signed into Game Center should I press guest?

Hi there Ilikethisgame. You should be able to log in with Game Center by connecting your iOS device to your Game Center account (done so by accessing your device’s Settings > Game Center).

If that doesn’t help, please email our team directly at They’ll be happy to help you!

What do I do after?

If you emailed the team, they should respond as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

We also have this FAQ page that could come in handy in the meantime:

I’m confused

I pressed guest and now I lost my account I can’t the message that says would you like to switch accounts has not appeard

I’m sorry for any confusion. Have you already sent an email to with a description of your issue? If not, please do that as they’ll be able to help you directly. Thanks!