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What can I expect being in the Sorna Marshes?

I just now moved into Sorna Marshes. What can I expect while being in the marshes? Any feedback is appreciated


So easy pickings in other words?

Depending on the team you have

Been on an impressive winning streak with this team. Would my team carry me through the marshes?

Haven’t been there in awhile but I would say… not just yet, but you should be okay in there for a bit iirc.

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You have almost the same team as I do. I got into mid 3300s and stuck there ever since. Can’t go higher.

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That gives me some promise because I am a bit hesitant to progress further because of boost issue

The Stegotops will probably get crunched hardcore, too many immune and chompers. Trago would survive a little better. Smilodon is probably too low level, but should do better if you keep getting the mission DNA. Most of the rest of them are pretty good, the top row at least could get you almost to Ruins, especially if you focus on leveling them. As you may have seen, Utasinoraptor is crushing it lately. They’re great rat-catchers. The only other thing is, you might find something faster than Tyrannolophosaur that would be more helpful. He can do a lot of damage, but with how many faster dinos with stun and priority moves, he might not get the chance.

Expect to bounce between Lockdown and Marshes for a while.

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you have a better team than I had… and Im in Jurassic ruins. So you should be fine… If the meta hasn’t changed toooo much.

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With that Smilodon, no

I’m going to go against the grain here but Sorna Marshes is actually a really fun and varied arena. I’ve come down from the Aviary where the meta is the same boring few over-boosted uniques every single game. Down in Sorna you get to battle with people who are skilled enough to use and make commons work. To that I take off my hat, well played you people, much respect for not following the nerd-herd up top. I’m more than happy to remain in Sorna for more interesting battles and a place where you can actually implement ‘strategy’ in battling.

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