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What can indoraptor handle?

I never understood what indoraptor can handle resistance not really a 3 turn shield or if it is against a brachio (boosted and lvl 20) little chance that it wins (can be non boost)The cunning can be but otherwise it is not phew

I don’t know why you’re wasting your time and energy on Indoraptor but okay

Its trash at this point, not the best unique and gets beaten by certain legendaries

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Indoraptor is not trash. But he is overshadowed by better hybrids further up in the Arena. He needs his shield breaking attack back really. For now, you either need to boost him or just use him for strike towers. I’ve found that Indoraptor can be used up to about Lockwood Estate but you need to pick your battles.


I agree but to be honest it’s probably a good competitor for the worst unique at the moment especially now that antarcto has a use to kill compsoflaffy


Indoraptor is no longer good but it’s far from the worst unique creature.

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I’d say Indo is good as a starter Unique. He has solid stats and can be leveled up fairly easily. Sadly, he tends to be outshined by other Uniques, such as Magna and Spyx.

As for how to use him, I’d say it’s best to use him as a revenge killer. You can set up APR and deal heavy damage to your opponent’s next creature, assuming it doesn’t have shields.


okay fine bruh “indoraptor’s not trash”, just cause u believe smthg doesn’t mean everyone else’s opinion is wrong, idk what u find in slandering my opinion

Problem is, the idea of a “starter Unique” is becoming increasingly irrelevant as the game progresses for a few reasons.

1- There are fewer “starter players.” This point is just a consequence of the game aging–the population has progressed more, so the necessity of “starter uniques” is severely diminished since an increasing portion of the population has progressed well beyond that point. It’s hard to justify a creature’s state in balance as a consequence of it being a “starter” if relatively few people even are at the point where a concept of a “starter” is relevant.
2- DNA distribution has severely diminished the gap between Indoraptor and other uniques. Ludia is much more generous in handing out Unique DNA than they used to be, and it’s relatively easy to accrue a large amount of “non-starter” Unique DNA even before Indoraptor is really attainable. Sure, some of this is locked behind alliance rewards, but even disregarding that avenue, there are still other ways to get Uniques (events, purchases, raids, etc). It’s easier than ever to unlock Uniques (heck, I even know a dude whose first unique was Gemini of all things), so that “advantage” that Indoraptor has as an easily-fused Unique is much, much smaller than it used to be.
3- Kind of a follow-on to point 2, but there are other “starter uniques” that are also pretty easy to fuse but which are notably stronger than Indoraptor. At a minimum, Thor and DCRat could be put in that bucket (DCRat was probably on-par with Indo until recently when it got its buffs). Particularly with raids, too, certain Uniques that were previously less accessible are now much easier to get (Grypo, Nemys in particular), meaning they likewise could be bucketed in the starter Unique group, yet they comfortably outpace Indo in power. The only “starter” unique that really shares in Indo’s lack of power is Stygi, which I think a lot of people would like to see buffed. Even for a “starter” unique, Indoraptor is underwhelming.

Indoraptor unfortunately exhibits all the weaknesses of its Cunning typing, and few of the strengths of either its Cunning or Fierce typing. It can hit through armor, sure, and distract, but it can’t deal with shields, and is limited to 1x damage for distracting. Its damage output is frankly paltry for a Fierce or Cunning, as well–its bad T3, lack of counter, and middling (low for a Fierce/Cunning) damage put it comparable to Quetzorion on offense, but it lacks Orion’s strong defense or superior speed.

As it stands, Indoraptor is mostly just useful for strike towers when you need a fast hitter and haven’t unlocked anything else yet. It’s not unusable in PvP, but its value drops pretty darn fast, especially in boosted arenas. I personally found it became more of a liability than an asset as early as high Marshes, though it really didn’t start hurting my teams until Ruins. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing it get some changes to make it a bit better


Who said anything about slandering your opinion. I’m just sharing an opinion of my own.


Sadly, it is trash. Other than the pterasaurs probably the worst unique

Indoraptor isn’t that good. sure you might use it for Lockwood estate but when you enter Aviary. You might switch to something better than indoraptor. Since then I don’t use it anymore on PVP and stopped evolving it (lvl 25). for me its still fun to use for strike tower events but it deserves a little buff.