What can we do to force Ludia's hand?

Is there any way as players to force Ludia to fix the absolutely broken arena? I have been TRYING to battle all day (at work I can typically do this) and it is beyond ridiculous bordering on unplayable. 3 in 5 battles glitch out and I’ve lost over 100 to glitches alone.

My disdain for this lousy company has turned to hatred in the last couple days. Problem for me is I love this game.

@Ludia_Developers PLEASE! Say something to us about what’s going on.


I’m with you Tuco. However, I don’t think there is anything we can do. It’s obvious by the lack of response over the Montreal event and other concerning threads that silence is the company line right now.


That’s kinda a lot of glitches.
What phone and OS are you using?
The only two glitches I get is when I click on the “Battle AI” button and nothing happens until I get a real opponent, or the “Waiting for opponent” screen which basically means something went wrong and I need to wait 30 seconds to try again.

Android. Moto Z2 Play. As far as connection goes, I made this post and this response from the exact same spot I’ve been trying to play… Outside with full bars.

I’ve not experienced any glitches for a while. Could be a network issue maybe?

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Considering absolutely everything else about my phone, data, and applications works fine I’m going to say not very likely.

no glitches here. just every once in awhile the ai button doesnt work. depending on wherr im at.

Hope you can get it sorted soon. Have you mailed Support?

Its not an isolated issue or something one guy messaging support is going to do anything. I have zero issues with any mobile game ar or not on my phone other then this one… the most common one for me is when a dino dies the next one comes in and the game just freezes button never shows up requiring a hard reset. By the time the games reloaded ive lost a turn and possibly a dino.

ammm maybe if they put a negative review on the game in playstore …

I keep getting the pink screen and kicking me out. It says battle timed out while I’m in the middle of one. Then when I get back in the opponent has killed me and my lead. And I can’t catch up. It’s not just you. And I have an iPhone XS

Yeah. This has got to be it. They don’t even do polls to get any player feedback anymore. It feels like they just gave up.


The only way to get Ludia’s attention is to convince every single player to stop playing for a week and cancel their VIPs. Is it possible? No but neither is getting Ludia to fix these arena problems. I lose a lot of my trophies to these lag outs and that’s with me using a new phone connected to great high speed internet.


Make everyone use Lythronax? I don’t know, it’s about the only thing that’s left.

Stop paying and playing for a few days.
That’ll get theory attention.

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Also @Tuco, I’ve got a z2 play also, I’ve seen some of the issues you’re talking about. They don’t seem to happen as often for me though, how long have you had your Phone? The one I have currently Ive only had a few months. My previous one was having battery and processing issues and I noticed a lot more issues on JWA before my replacement.

Hey Tuco, our support team would be happy to look into these issues that you are experiencing. However, our team needs more information so they can investigate further.

If you have more details, could you please let us know here? Our team will really appreciate it. Thanks!

Also @Ned no rush as it’s not game breaking, but can you ask if the Samsung Galaxy S7 will have AR support next major patch? I really want to get a pic of my Smildon on my Civic :slight_smile:

Hey W1ckety, could you check and see if your game has been updated to version 1.8.38? If it is, please make sure that you have AR Core installed on your device. Our FAQ here has more information on where to download AR Core:

If you’re still having issues with the AR, do not hesitate to reach out to our team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key, and our team can take a closer look. Thanks!

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Bah! Not updating to Oreo is the problem.
That’s a hassle I’m not willing to undertake as it slowed my wifes identical phone to a crawl, but thanks for explaining that. I’ll just use her phone :slight_smile: