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What changed after the maintenance?

Good news for Android users, game functions properly on mobile network, no loading issues tried a few times.

Tried battling thrice and got timed out thrice, maybe less players as of now due to maintenance. So can’t say if it’s fixed or not.
(Latest: Arena is still the same full of errors rather than terrors)

Better accuracy rate and slight speed improvement.

Game loaded comparatively faster than the last few days.

Arena needs immediate fixing.

Share your thoughts if you feel otherwise.

“what changed after the maintenance?”


What issue/s are you facing?

Still having a problem connecting in arenas. It’s not like it’s searching for an opponent but more like still timed out.

The same as always since 1.7 is here

New 1.7 hotfix patch notes from today:


Edit: and they STILL probably managed to introduce more bugs hahahaha

Actually… I restarted app and they made me watch the entire episode of how my dinos are fighting a real player without my input. And when I finally get my command back im fighting a 0 health Dino. Lovely Ludia


I’ve done five or six battles and have gotten a match very quickly every time. However, I had a weird glitch. I did not press the Battle button. I was looking at my dino list, then switched to the alliance tab. The smilodon login screen came up. Game froze and I had to restart. When I came back, I was put into a battle that I was just losing 3-0, with a texture missing. I lost about 35 trophies for this battle I never even entered.

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That’s some great programming right thar!

Don’t worry, Ludia devs are PRO-fessionals!

Ludia devs


Just had my first battle and it’s sad to say that all of you are right, got bumped off mid battle the inevitable "Timed Out’. I guess nothing’s gonna change no matter what.

Really nothing happened. Why would you think that? It’s Sunday night, no one is patching nothing.
Someone messed up and they fixed it and told us it was a maintenance

Yes the arena is pretty much the same, got timed out mid battle only to log back in to 2 Dino’s down.

Lost total of 200+ tournament medals over last 24 hours due to timeout or matchmaking glitches. Ruining what would have been a fun tournament.

waiting for an opponent, then I lost one game~
Then re-enter… keep waiting, and waiting…

There is nothing changed after the maintenance. All the glitches and bugs are still there. The development team is naive.

It’s a sorry state of affairs in Arena, I don’t think they’ll even try and fix it.

I came back to say i just got into 3 matches relatively quick…but first match my opponent was late to the fight… second match actually worked… third match i froze mid fight and had to hard reset

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Lucky you.

Depends on your definition of luck…