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What compensation was given for VIP issue?

Just curious as some say they got coins and cash, some say they got dna ,cash and coins and some say they got cash only. So what did happen actually? What did you get?

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no idea, but i got 500 hc from it. since boosts were on the market…


i got 500hc. im guessing it was because vip kept turning off and on. we kept getting messages that your subscriptions expired.


Nice. I saw an post where someone got 105 cash and some coins

500 HC for me

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I got all maxxed boosts.

Joking, nothing yet.


500 HC. Was really only a minor inconvenience for me. A quick restart every once in a while.

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500 :dollar:

Wife and I both got 500 cash.

500 hc came in. I’d rather get the dna I missed out on the darting I did on carbonemys when it was glitching.

You don’t want to go back and forth and risk missing your chance on the turtle despawning. Idc about 500 hc to buy boosts. I will buy scents.

At least they did something though. I think it should be 1k hc to get an epic scent…

However, they did something so not much more to say because I’m surprised.

like a lot of people i got $500 game cash plus i also got around
150 dino dna as well a few epic but mostly common dna ! lol :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

I don’t think the 500 hc satisfies everyone. I am more of a hunter only battle when I got to! So 500 hc gets me two rare incubators which I can’t use in the park to help get back what I lost on a few carbonemys attempts that I had to do with non vip while having vip.

Something is not right about that. However, I have to say they went with a global fix 500 hc can buy a set of boosts which will satisfy most.

I didn’t get anything but then I wasn’t after anything. It was a small glitch and soon fixed.

500 hc, not bad

Ok so 500 hc. Even I got the same. I had hoped for an better compensation