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What constitutes a Stun?


I’ve got this cutie here and when you swap in according to one of the battle options is a gain of 66% chance to stun. So far the opponent gets the twirling eyes and squiggly lines above the Dino head but none are effected with a true stun.

Am I missing something here with how that is suppose to work or do I have a really stupid Dino that can’t follow simple directions.


If you are faster stun stops thier current move in that turn.

If you are slower they lose the next turn.

When you swap in stun. Your move was swapping. They get stoned so they don’t attack that turn. Then act as they normally would next turn.

Search “stun locking” or “what is stun lock” or “how to stun lock” for more indepth

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The stun works only at that turn that you swap in, so basically it’s just a way of swaping without getting hit.


Well possums droppins. Guess I’ll stick with SS, GSR and regen and run. That much she can handle providing the other Dino is underpowered to the extent of a sick Pidgey. :roll_eyes:

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If you regen & run and yuo’re the slower dino – into a swap in stun… you’d actually take away their NEXT turn. So they couldn’t choose a move.


Regen&run only?


no just an example. ANy hit and run that is slower than the opponent would have this effect.


Actually, Regen and Run has a priority effect. So it wouldn’t take away the creature’s next turn.


Unless the opponent had a priority effect move too and was faster :wink: