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What could we hope from this game?

Hello. I think like a lot of players, I feel it’s time to pull myself together and take stock of the future of the game. I think everyone is aware of it, the game is dying. A lot of former players play less or have decided to stop playing, not to mention the impact of repeated bugs and issues that I will not put on trial. No longer enough long-term goals, more novelty, repetitive farming just to try to have copies with difficulty, gameplay that becomes boring.

I would like to submit some proposals. I let other players make their wishes known as well if they wish.

-Increased maximum level?

  • More storage space for the dragons?
  • New alpha / Increased maximum level of alphas?
  • New clan interface, additional management option and tool to see player activity (number of fights per alpha)?
  • Give more interest to the community aspect? A clan token system as a reward for cumulative killed alphas and serving as currency for “clan rewards or common bonuses”?
  • Internal messaging?
  • A modifiable hub based on rewards earned through a new objective system?
  • A market of exchange or sale?

These are just guesses, not all of them are good, but inspirations from other games whose content is updated regularly and where the community is not declining. There would obviously be others but I leave it to others to why not complete this list.

I am one of the players who have subscribed to the flight club, knowing that the price is not worth the gain because the game offers nothing more, except to find solutions so as not to suffer too much from the lack of investment of its developers. So where are we going? Are we just cash cows and should we stop hoping for improvement? We invest time, some money, but why?


Totally agree… the game needs more deepness and elaborated goals. Once you get used to the current dynamics, it gets repetitive, only goal is to farm, get more copies and upgrade them.

Although many of your suggestions would improve the game in that way, it feels discouraging not knowing what the future plans are (in case there are any…). Where’s the roadmap? They should keep the community updated on what next plans are. I just created a new topic asking what bug fixes and balances where made in this last 1.18.9 update. I still hope it’s my mistake not finding this info, or I can’t understand how this game is managed. Not to mention a critical freezing bug that is taking more than a month to fix.

About suggestions on improving the long-term game, I totally subscribe yours, just adding:

  • Clan wars (I know… I’m laughing too)

Other features:

  • Battle log: sometimes you make changes on your team and really can’t compare stats with other attacks. At least deploy the arena battle logs to alpha battles too.
  • Scales inventory: is it really that hard?

Anyway, same feeling of wondering if it’s worth to keep on investing without knowing where we are going.


I do think to, there is lot of stuff missing and needs to be fixed. I started with the game before arena even existed. Was nice! Arena was nice, too. But after adding, one has to look, how things are developing.

  • Arena reaches max-level enemy’s after bronce, that’s not even half of the ladder…
  • from bronce on, one just hast the same team to face over and over! (Sawmaw, Murmulqill, Toothless)
  • Clans are boring. You can’t share anything (like fish, ore scales) You can’t write smileys…, you can’t even give ranks. And they aren’t competitive. People just hopp, until they find a clan doin 7 stars or better.
  • Most dragons are worthless. I think the level-cap is okay. But I’d love to have a either a tiergame, like a 1 star arena, a 2 star and so on. Or a possibility to raise every dragon to 5 stars and give them classes (like common, rare, epic, legendary, titan) (e.g. there is no reason for breeding a 1 star hybrid, why do they even exist??)
  • even 5 star dragons are totally unbalanced. From all of them, there are only like 10-15 dragons worth to use, because they are so much stronger then the rest. Even the abilitys themselves are unbalanced.
    -there needs to be a win- and use-rate statistic for each dragon. And with that, a monthly balance-update to keep all of them in use.
  • there is the possibility of spirit loops. This NEEDS to be taken or balanced out of the game, because it makes it unfair.

In my opinion, these points need to be done, to make the game interesting again…

And I don’t like the amount of event-dragons. They should add the function, that one’s allowed to use e.g. only one toothless a time. Or I go even further and say, that the event-dragons should be like a ability skin. So one should be able to “transform” a Toothless into e.g. a Dreadfall-Thootless. That made much more sense, and made the game more interesting in my opinion.


I sometimes doubt that Ludia is simply ignoring this game, at the expense of other games, Rise of Berk, Jurassic World? And that this game is just an additional financial gain, especially as the services offered, boxes, packs or subscription are excessively expensive, especially when we see the little communication not to say of interest that Ludia offers us in return. I like this game, the universe, the people I play with, and basically its mechanics, but if we compare to other games on the market, for less money, we have more content, a stable game ( or at least without major bug at each update), and dedicated and attentive teams. I’m not condemning this game, nor Ludia, but for the love of god, a little transparency. My clan is made up of very good players, playing for years, a lot of people talk about their fed up, about an imminent stop, I think it is not possible for them not to be aware of it. The ostrich policy? Unfortunately, I am convinced that without a change of method, the decline has begun, at the risk of repeating myself, the old players get tired of the lack of development and content, the new players get discouraged by the slowness of progress, and not everyone seems to care. After all as long as they remain pigeons to pay for their flight club


I totally agree with you. I do not have so much hope for this topic, although I hope it will be useful. The frustrating thing is that the gaming community would be willing to help it improve.


Yes , I agree. I asked it one time in the support and they only said that they care for the game and gave me all the things I asked for (at least what they could in the moment, I also asked for a Bugfix-update xD) . I only hope, that they listen to us and maybe even reply on a topic like that. I feel like the game is “just” a money machine, too. You’re right, the community would be more then willing to help


I have been playing the game for a few years now and used to love the aesthetics of the islands but now feel like it has been ruined especially but Dragos bewilderbeast and the hidden world islands. It would be great if they were relocated a bit further away from the main island of berk so berk could go back to the amazing place it used to be with all the sea surrounding.

I could be even better if there was a map with locations like berk, the edge and the hidden world. Some legendary dragons could be moved there as well as some more islands so berk is less cluttered and a lot nicer to look at.


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Stimme auch allem zu.
Ich spiele seit Tag 1 (Beta Phase) da war es wirklich noch ein schönes Spiel.
Ich habe auch noch nie Spiele Entwickler gesehen die ihr eigenes Spiel ruinieren.
Mein Clan macht mir Spaß und es wäre schade das Spiel zu beenden und zu löschen.
Bin auch am überlegen ob ich den Flugclub kündige denn für was zahle ich eigentlich monatlich?!
Für Fehler über Fehler… Das Spiel geht komplett zugrunde :frowning:

Also agree with everything.
I’ve been playing since day 1 (beta phase) and it was still a really nice game.
I’ve also never seen game developers ruin their own game.
I enjoy my clan and it would be a shame to quit and delete the game.
I’m also considering whether I should cancel the flight club because what do I actually pay monthly ?!
For mistakes after mistakes … The game is completely ruined :frowning:


I guess you’re in the wrong game, dude :sweat_smile: this is Dragons: Titan Uprising, not Dragons: Rise of Berk.

Happened more often, then you might think. It mostly happens due to a lack of love for the game or due to money making Studios. Either way, its not the way one likes to experience. But it’s the same mistakes over and over. Ive canceled flight club, cause I have Skullcrusher on 5 stars now. But with all the new dragons now in the game, I wouldn’t have tried it. Skullcrusher is not really interesting anymore. That’s annoying. I consider him as one of the better dragons, but there are better free options…

Try stick to English, as there is no true German support from Ludia in this forum :slight_smile: I learned it the hard way :joy:


Can we expect a response from the developers, other than those used out of habit?
where will we have to come to mobilize the players on the various social networks (fb, twitter …), discord, create a petition or encourage a maximum of players to net their subscription until they take us in consideration ?

This is already done on many other games, it took the boycott to win their case, but is this really what they want?

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Hellooo? Is anybody there, Ludia??? This post should concern you.
@Marcus @Ned


Hi Vikings,

I have already forwarded all your comments, feedback, and questions to our team. Once I get more info, I will do my best to address all your concerns. Thank you for your patience!

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I agree with almost everything that you said, aside from the last part, originally you could actually use only one toothlelss, lf, etc but to be honest that was kinda annoying for me and many other people (yes, it did make sense) but imagine grinding to get all 3 dupes for a dragon only to then be unable to use it, this happend with me after getting DFT for the first time. Now, I do think that the amount of seasonals lately has been insane (its basically the only new content that we are getting) and to be honest, its boring and tiring (you know that its too much when even the people that can get all 3 of them are sick of it) when DFT arrived for the first time, it felt very satisfying and I was so happy to add him into my roster, it even had its own lil animation (which the new seasonals are lacking) and it was the only seasonal to have an unique bg, until that was removed as well, i gues all i have to say is “Less is more”

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Maybe add dragon trading since some people are lucky to have more than enough copies one dragon while others don’t due to the random chance that is less than 1 percent

@Marcus what do you think about this idea?
And it would be like that you have to trade the same star count. For example in order to get a 5* from trading you have to trade a 5*

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Players have requested the ability to trade Dragons in the past, I can share this with our team again. Thanks!

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This will open an opportunity for people to create multiple accounts and to trade in between those accounts to create ideal rooster. Basically it gives a huge opportunity for cheating, same like it was with people going out of clan kill boss and then rejoining the clan and kill a boss there as well to farm TP for Maeve.

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I agree, but at the same time they could just add a paywall with runes (not a huge one, maybe 1k for one trade depending on the rarity of the dragons). I think they could take some notes from pokemon go.

Perhaps we could have a more in depth discovery of the island itself. Perhaps we could run businesses, like Gobber’s blacksmith shop. Maybe introduce some new dragons as well, ones more powerful and cooler than Toothless, because literally EVERYBODY uses him. I honestly get tired of seeing his face. Maybe have different islands and in each island we have a separate team for it. Maybe have a viking tavern shop where we can play card games for big prizes. And then a more defined refresh system for the arena, because literally the teams that are offered for me to battle are 99% of the time hundreds to even a thousand points higher than my team. There’s no fun in not being able to fight anyone’s team for 90% of the time, and only to wake up in the morning with your arena medals all the way at the bottom on account of these big players all jumped on you. And you can’t revenge it. Some ideas for y’all.


However they could also block usage of dead/alt accounts from the ip address