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What could we hope from this game?

To answer a question nothing if they don’t understand how to code a game test it out or shut down that silver for maintenance like all games do does not important even playing this game ton of block my comment for spam the only spam they’ve been doing is not fixing the game this is my true critic of this I seen Warframe mess up.

so they better get a new server or buy something I’ll get advice from another game company a while their mobile games is 100% stable I know again it’s actually copying this game just the up and down swiping go look at Candy crush so many people playing that game not one hour leaving this laggy phone I’m using Candy crush one’s fine sorry better find the cold when the loading screen is find out which 10010 is missing then you should fix it then we all be happy.

It’s been almost two weeks since this post started. If you are unable to share any roadmap, ideas or what future plans you have for your own game (short & long term) I guess there’s not much to expect. It should not be something that you have to think about or discuss with your team, If you can’t share them with your community, the first thought is that you really don’t have them.

I’ve cancelled my fight club subscription, as well as my clan members are planning to do and I guess I’ll be playing less and less as long as I don’t see anything engaging or at least what features are coming next.

Anyway, still hoping for a positive answer, or an answer that goes beyond “forwarding our feedback”.

Hi Vikings!

Sorry for the delay! I spoke to the Development Team and I’m only able to share the following.

We will be adding many more new Dragons to the game (new species and new crossbreeds). The team will continue to work on fixing bugs and optimizing the game experience. Any constructive feedback and suggestions are always welcome to help the Developers.

That’s all for now, I will definitely try to share more when possible.

@Marcus, are you able to tell us about rooster space? Are there any plans in increasing it in the proximate future?