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What counts as a "Transit Station"?

I’ve been looking to farm a little Velociraptor DNA and it is a commonly held belief that they spawn near transit stations. However, what constitutes a “transit station”? I figure Airports and Bus Stations are obvious, but what about bus stops along routes? Any other ideas for transit? (Taxi companies?)

Can anyone relate the types of locations that they find V-raptors in personally and the type of “transit station” they believe the spawnpoint may be based on? Maybe we can get a reasonable definition of where we can find these.


Bus stops along routes count.

I see velociraptor all day where the bus stops are.

In my city it’s only the really large bus stops where multiple buses go in multiple directions. Haven’t seen any at a regular bus stop.

In the UK bus stops are definitely spawn points; the best darting I ever had was on a train journey; at each station there were at least 3 or 4 velos - it was all I could do to dart them all before the train pulled away. Collected about 10K :slight_smile:

In UK bus stops and train stations are good velo spawn points
Not sure about airports as try to avoid flights for green reasons so a long time since I last flew