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What counts towards the daily missions totals?


Why don’t incubators opened at strike events count towards the daily missions totals, while the battles fought at the same place DO count towards those totals?? It seems weird that one does while not the other. Or is this just a problem for me?


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It is sadly a problem for all of us.


It’s a problem for everyone. I hope they are actually working on that along with dinos showing up in incubators.


I’m sorry that the Incubators from the Strike Events are not counting towards the Open Incubators mission @Okotok. Our team is aware of this, and they’re still investigating, once there is more information, we’ll be sure to try and let everyone know on our forum or through our other social media channels.


this is not only not by design, but you are unaware as to how to correct it?

this would be funny if it weren’t so very sad.


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Wait, you’re still investigating? Do you have the intern on this or something?

You were able to fix the broken coin limit within 2 days and yet you still haven’t fixed this issue? Or any of the others we’ve spoken up about.


More like they are investigating how to make the battles you do in strike towers not count toward the daily mission. Can’t give us too much free stuff.

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They are investigating how to have them subtract from the daily totals.


Hello everyone.

Does anyone knows why the Strike Event Incubators doesn’t count to the daily rewards? If the quest says you need to open X incubators (and you are actually doing it by that mean too), why it does not count?


Because if it counted you wouldn’t need to spend money in the game to open more incubators.

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It’s still a mystery and conspiracy done by illuminati’s


I knew it !! XD


But why would I spend some bucks on incubators just to win 5 money at max?


Umm, in fact they originally designed to be included in daily open incubator mission.

But they accidentally been excepted, and we don’t even able to know when will this bug been solved.

Just the same as their attitude to other bugs.
They know those bugs exist, and told us they are focusing on these bugs.
But just never fix any of them.


When i do the daily missions,
I cant complete of because of the 'open a daily incubator mission
When i open the incubator,
Of still says. Open a daily incubator.
Pls fix this