What creature are you most proud of?

What creature do you have that you are extremely happy with? In terms of boost or level or just aesthetics. Mine is my Dodocevia


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ludia tends to give us monsters just to release an update later that turns them into amoebas.

then i gave up on clinging to any as i did 2 years ago.

There are two types of people in this world

Bring all your creatires. Lydia will beat them. Lol

My erlikospyx. She’s a beauty. Level 26, boosted 3/11/10.

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How satisfying



That’s a strong Dodocevia. I got mine up to 24 but then just leveled up my Coelhaast for this tourney to 23. I just need coins, lots of coins and then I’m good. I guess i’m most proud of my level 30 Scorpius. I was able to get it to level 30 pretty fast and made the executive decision to switch out my slightly boosted 30 mammolania for it because I was getting chomped too much and SR3 is super slick. If I can get testa, skoona, U compys or U phora up to 30, that will be my next proudest creature.


I wish my scorpius was 30. Yeah coins is always the problem

Level 28!!!


Favorite creature design wise is entelolania
But I have spent months leveling my skoona which is now lv 27 with 4 hp boosts and 5 attack boosts


My Proudest creature has changed since my response two weeks ago. I Was able to finish this thing after last season! 1 more boost until it’s fully boosted! I wish I had given her a bit less health but I wasn’t really thinking of the end product at the time. I wanted her to have at least 2000 attack but that’s ok. If we have a reset, I think I may put another 10 speed into her… I’m sick of nitro Thors chomping her down


I would hate to fight that lol.

I was able to get my Scorpius G3 to level 27 thanks to this Halloween event.
Treat no trick!!

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Take your pick


Indotarus!!! Nice creatures👍

Yeah I’m working on him the most had to get Thor speed to 123 for raiding but, now it’ll go to indotaurus . 10k t rex gen 2 dna echo day tomorrow probably get another level

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Don’t mention them! Or else they’ll be nerfed soon