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What creatures are good for the arena?

What creatures should I choose for my team? I have Utahsinoraptor, Allosinosaurus, Indominus Rex, Dracoceratops, Gorgosuchus, Nodopatosaurus, Sinoceratops, and Procerathomimus. I do well when I get my legendaries on my team but my epic ones feel too weak to compete, who should I replace and with what?

You can never go wrong with Indominus, even up in the Aviary. Especially after the Stat boosts.


Proceratomimus is good if you are willing to put a few Stat boost tokens in it when you no longer have speed advantage. If it outspeeds Magna, Indoraptor and Diloracheirus, it mops the floor with all three.

Gorgosuchus is pretty darn decent as well, especially with boosts. You can’t go wrong leveling it up (though, Tryostronix is in some situations, better).

Sinoceratops, while good is nothing compared to Utarinex, Thoradolosaurus and Utahsinoraptor. You should probably work towards those.

Nodopatosaurus is awful, it is a poor man’s Gigaspikasaurus.

Good choices are, to work towards:
Purrutaurus, Gigaspikasaurus, Mononstegotops, Spinonyx, Tragodistis, Edmontoguanodon, Alankylosaurus, Stegoceratops, Suchotator etc.

You can even make some non-hybrids work, T-Rex (both Gen), Brachiosaurus, Giraffatitan, Koolasuchus, Carnotaurus, Delta and Blue, Spinosaurus are all somewhat good even high in the leaderboard.
Obviously they are slightly worse to use because - 1 spell, but still, these have some pretty consistent tricks up their sleeves.


Thank you for the response, I think I’ll take out Nodopatosaurus and replace it with Suchotator. I noticed that Lethal wound is rather annoying to fight against, you either have to have an immune dino or one with a cleansing move or switch out. But thanks for the help.

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Spinotasuchus is also worth considering, since it is a pretty good dinosaur and has lethal wound as well.

Personally I don’t like it’s playstyle, but it is a very darn good creature.

Nodopatosaurus is worth replacing asap as well. Even for Stegodeus.


I was also thinking of putting in either Stegod or Tragod or both but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea.

I think I need some kind of tank and Nodopato was kind of working as one but was very situational.

Gigaspikasaurus is basically the same, but not trash.

Tragodistis is also very good.

Stegodeus is meh if you ask me.

I was also thinking of getting Megalosuchus to replace Gorgosuchus, since it seemed to be a better version of him.

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Meg is a good choice.

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Arena 1&2:
Rare hybrids and chompers (probably Dracorex GEN 2)
Arena 3,4&5:
Rare and epic hybrids (non-hybrid epics too)
Arenas 6,7,8,9&10:
Legendary and unique hybrids

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