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What creatures are you seeing constantly in the tourney?

Was doing a lot of tourney battles last night, and I didn’t just want to have to watch my team getting beat by horrid luck, so I drew some of the creatures that I repeatedly saw and thought were most annoying. What creatures did you find in battles all the time and thought were very very very annoying?


The most annoying one of the bunch was the * DracoRAT = dracorex gen 1 & gen 2 players pulling out this annoying little sod and his brother gen 2 as a last gasp DIRTY TACTIC to win tournament battles is a cowards way of winning instead of having an even playing field and using a strong line up of regular dinosaurs without resorting to DIRTY TACTICS and using a sneak attack DracoRAT all the time .!. :rage: :rage: :rage:

Welcome to PVP, where leaving anything within range is begging to be sniped


i see Edaphosaurus,Eecodontosaurus,Winoceratops,Dracorex,Titanoboa(why are u mad at ur father),
Wooly Rhino,Andrewsarcus,Thylacoleo,Proceratosaurus,and Blue

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Dippy, Woolly 2, Snek 1, Andy, Cat-who-thinks-she’s-a-mouse, the carnivore with the raised back, the real predator in Walking with Monsters (Of course not Gorgonopsid. Ino’s prey), the raptor in Saurian, ostrich ripoff rare and yeah.

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Nice drawings.
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