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What creatures could have a raid?

So what animals do you want to have a raid?
Here’s my ideal list and potential common raids
The days are based if bosses won’t be replaced anymore

Commons :
Dracorex gen 2 (Monday)
Lythornax (Thursday)
Allosaurus (Wednesday)
Hatzegopteryx (friday)
Scolosaurus (Saturday)
Nundasuchus (Sunday)

Rares :
Proceratosaurus (Monday)
Deinotherium (Tuesday)
Megalosaurus (Wednesday)
Triceratops (Thursday)
T rex gen 2 (friday)
Purrusaurus (Saturday)
Edmontosaurus (Sunday)

Epics :
Antarctopelta (Monday)
Ovilophosaurus (Tuesday)
Sonorasaurus (Wednesday)
Megalogaia (Thursday)
Andrewtodon (friday)
Tsintaosaurus (Saturday)
Darwinopterus (Sunday)

Legendary :
Parasaurolphus lux (Monday)
Pteraquetzal (Tuesday )
Dsungaia (Wednesday)
Tsintaomoth (friday)
Grylenken (Saturday)
Megistocurus (Sunday)

Uniqes :
Skoonasaurus (Monday)
Spinoconstrictor (Tuesday)
Trykosaurus (Wednesday)
Antarctovenator (Thursday)
Tenontorex (friday)
Geminititan (Saturday)
Pterovexus (Sunday)

  • Yes i want these creatures to become raids
  • Only if they don’t replace anything

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  • Mammoth raid should return
  • Mammoth raid should not come back

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  • Common raids should be a thing
  • We don’t need common raids

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What about adding dinos that are actually useful in producing ‘meta’ and/or difficult to create dinos?

Tenontosaurus or Maiasaura, or a Baryonix (epic) for instance… or Brachiasaurus or any dino that’s difficult to obtain because it’s only available through PvP or events?

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Honeslty we dont need common raids but I love all these raids, I would love to see more raids.

My raids for unique are:






Call me crazy but I would love to see a flock raid

What they could do is have raid creatures spawn and despawn like regular creatures and spawn randomly all the different creature you listed for the different days. They could have the raid creature spawn at the same rate as rare creatures and sit there for an hour before despawning.

I really want Procerathomimus to come in a raid!

How about Velociraptor Boss?

We already have blue and maybe an echo boss next patch so no velociraptor boss needed

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