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What creatures do u still have to unlock?

Ok i know we all started at different times and are all at different levels butt i am curious. I am level 20 and have been playing for almost 3 years now i think. And i still have like 15 creatures to unlock. i just got in the cycle of leveling other dinos for my strike team and raids and haven’t even unlocked creatures like Pterovexus.

What haven’t u unlocked? Here’s mine.


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I hate that i cant do anything to unlock apex.
Just sitting here and wait 15 weeks …

Need at least 100 I’m lvl 13

Currently have 164

Started Nov 2019. 3 left.

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These are what I have left to unlock

What’s the undiscovered creature?

hydra Boa is yet to be implemented into the game, hence the undiscovered