What creatures do u think will be in 2.3?

So, since u guys telling patchnotes will be Friday Tuesday, what creatures u think they gonna add?

Honestly. I hope they add nanotyrannus

Hybrids and apex? Uhh maybe ramphogamthus p, a hybrid between compi and rhamporynchus

Not to spoil the fun but Game-Press made a article saying what creatures will be in 2.3.


Although if I didn’t read the article I would have said the following:

Common: Indricotherium
Rare: Eoraptor
Epic: Centrosaurus
Legendary: Centrochops
Legendary: Eolophosaurus
Unique: Indricoceros
Apex: Velocityraptor


I hope they add Corythosaurus, Ceratosaurus and Metriacanthosaurus.


they added one raptor and an oviraptor as well as hyena

That article was a datamine of what was in the code. There is no guarantee if all the creatures that are in the code get added in 2.3. I even put a giant disclaimer at the top of the article but for some reason people always skip those


Megistotherium is a hyenadontid, wich are completly unrealated to hyenas, hyenadon means hyena teeth, if i remember correctly megisto isn’t even in the modern carnivoran(basicly all these mamalian carnivores, seals cats, dogs, these smaller others badgers racoons…) family. So yeah gamepress got it completly wrong

ah, ok. i was wondering what they would do with a hyena but apparently it just going to be like the andrew, maybe with bleed cuz andrew has no escape

Would be cool to see actual hyenas wirh there own animation set for sure tho. Like the cave hyena, deinococruta, and pachycocruta

Game press spoiler says oviraptor, so we might be getting a dromaedosauridae update.

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Ceratosaurus (because it is a canon creature from JP3 and it’s confirmed in JW Camp Cretaceous S2)
Giganotosaurus (i think it’s confirmed in JW Dominion movie)
Styracosaurus, pentaceratops/torosaurus (I think there are esqueletons this dinos in the Lockdow Library stage)
Hyaenodon (if they puted andrewsarchus and enteleodon why not put this creature too?)
Tropeognathus (there are in JW the game and there are long time no see a new pterosaur)
Hybrid creatures (anyone)