What Creatures Need a Nerf?

And I mean creatures that are just too dominant to not receive one. Stuff like 1.14 Gemini or 2.0 (?) Ardentis. That sort of broken stuff.

I’m considering making a post of potential buffs and nerfs about bringing various creatures more in line with each other, mostly some buffs to lower-tiered creatures and nerfs to higher-ones because the lower rarities (Legendary and down) are… pretty fine, in my opinion (minus the odd standout, Coughs in Argenteryx).

So… yeah. What do you think badly needs a nerf?


I think Parasaurolophus needs a nerf really bad. It is way too good at healing and its cleanse moves are OP.


Parasauthops should not have a Swap-In ability on top of it’s current kit. But I’d rather keep both healing abilities, on top of it’s Group Cunning Strike and Resilient Rampage because that makes it an excellent Raid creature, so instead of losing those it needs to lose the Swap-In entirely.

If needed it can simply have the Swap-In traded to become an On-Escape ability, but it’s otherwise just a newer version of Ceramagnus before Cera got nerfed and I’m surprised that I’m practically the only one here on the forums complaining about it.


I agree, just remove the swap in and it’s pretty fair.


I can definitely see this. I’m not quite sure about relegating the swap-in to an on-escape, since neither of Para T.'s components have it, but I’m also not quite sure about removing it altogether. Would probably prove to stabilize it, though.

Edit: It does complete slice the Acrocanthosaurus out of it, which I’m not a huge fan of, but you could probably keep that with some other ways.

Neither of it’s components have a Swap-In ability either, but at least with relegating it to being an On-Escape ability it’d let it keep it’s meta relevance while making it significantly less problematic.


Naah Archaeotherium needs one urgently. I mean look at that health and resistances! That’s way too op for a common. And it can damage the whole group!


Pretty sure they meant Parasauthops.

I think Anky lux is good but might do well with a slight nerf (SLIGHT IS THE KEY WORD) - though now that Mort has an instant move things might be ok. Not sure yet. The fact that anything with dodge or cloak can’t counter it is an issue - especially since IndoT is really the best fierce out there atm. I also think Skoona needs to have a 2 turn cool down again on the distract move - 1x is too short.


Seconded, and Indo T. has dodge on it, so it’s not even a true Fierce.

I’d suggest a revamp to the whole Fierce class but… like that’s ever going to happen.


IndoT is more of a hybrid class I think - should be cunning/fierce with the cloak. Also, it kinda relies on the cloak to counter resils, and resils can take it out easy with RS bc it removes 2x damage and revenge, which is odd and not great for indoT. Thus I think skoona needs to go back to what she was before this update, and anky lux could do with a very slight nerf - maybe don’t have every move take away cloak and dodge.

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I actually kinda like there being flat anti-dodge creatures, as it does play into the class system that this game is supposed to have.

I don’t mind antidodge - just not every move for a resil when fierce is supposed to be able to take them on. With the instant move and the dodge removal, ankylux is a bit op. Not terrible but just a bit. It can literally tear through an entire team including skoona. It’s good that mortem got an instant move bc otherwise not even a fierce could keep up very well.

For IndoT just knock the counter-attack down to a normal Rending counter. Having a Revenge Cloak and Greater Rending Counter is just too dangerous a combo when the Revenge Cloak basically lets it do 4x (or is it 6x?) damage twice.

And it doesn’t need to have Greater Rending Counter to take on Resilients, as a normal Rending Counter does just fine for Grypolyth against most Resilients anyway.

For Skoona, it just needs to lose it’s Swap Prevention Resistance entirely, and knock its CRIT chance down to 5%. The rest of the kit is fine as is.


it’s easy to take away that counter, though - super easy. RS and IndoT is done for, or at least won’t get any revenge or 2x damage.

Grypo has ferocity, which basically bops it up to a Greater rending Counter, but I do see your point. Also, the multiplier on Revenge Cloak is 3x, not 4 or 6 (though on rampages it can go to 6x damage).

IndoT does not need a counter. There are a lot of counters to it in the current meta

I think you need to re-read my comment.

A would say
Parasauthops on the swamp in movement, because the counterpower heal strike got buffed so its strong still.
Maybe monolometrodon cuz you see alot with 162 speed down here in the aviary and only magna can counter them.

I’m in the Aviary as well and I actually haven’t seen a Monomer in ages.