What creatures should be buffed/nerfed? How and why they should be buffed/nerfed

Hello everyone, I’m stumped on what creatures I should buff or nerf for my fan made update, more importantly how I should buff or nerf them. I know some creatures that should be buffed, like Hasst Maximus and Scaphotator. I don’t know who should get nerfed (other than Megalotops) when I make creatures or buff or nerf them, I tend to make them either too OP or useless. So I need your help. Who should get the Nerf or buff hammer how should I buff or nerf them and why I should buff or nerf them?

Buff:Ankylocodon,Majundasuchus,Megalosuchus,Utahsinoraptor, Gigaspikasaur,Nodopatotitan,Stegoceratops and Tragodistis
Reason:They’re all useless



I think some of the older creatures should get a buff. Nerf maybe rexy and albertocervia