What Creatures Should I use in Unique Test No.6?

I can’t seem to complete Unique test No.6, any creature suggestions? (Epic or rare only)

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I think it’s possible it’s just really hard (that test was the test I struggled on the most), well let’s see umm can u show more of your roster?


Use allo g2 to go against spinocon and indom g2 and then idk the last (u need to be lucky)

Why would anyone use a pure fierce against 3 cunnings?

Would take something like Ankylodicurus or other resilients. Its DOT resistance also might help against Spinocon.

But with levels too low it still will need a lot of luck (e.g AI using instant distraction)

That’s actually why I asked to see more of the roster or else that’s probably the best

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If u can level up antarctopelta a bit that might help and maybe sarcorixis

Unfortunately Sarcorixis I got from The campaign(didn’t get it’s creatures to lvl 10) and maybe I’ll search for an antarctopelta

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I lvled up my compy since I defeated a legendary test with only compy (number 5 in Legendary Test on intermediate)

I used Epic cunning (More specifically flocks) and resilients (Dicurus)

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Well I gotta go to sleep and I hope someone else can help ya

with only rares and epics i dont think it can be done it possible with a legendary tho

It CAN be done with epics. I beat a Scorp G3 with a level 14 Compy and an Argenteryx,

I used Flocks that can cleanse DoT. Do NOT use fierces though.

I tried Compy1 and Scorp gen 2 and blue all lv 14 and it didn’t work

I also haven’t unlocked Ankylodicurus yet