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What creatures that I have introduced you would like to debut in the game?

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well first this is only one if i had to choose id like a bigger list to choose from. second, what is this guy? it looks cool.

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It is a Unique Hybrid that i Made is a DNA fusión Edaphocevia + Charlie :slight_smile:

interesting, do you have an info card for it?

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I’m posting them now :slight_smile:


doditherium seems most realistic, maybe it should have the camouflage ability that eremotherium has? that and i really like tanycophorus.


Sadly, the Doeditherium phisical apareance does not help for camouflage. I mean he has yellow osteoderms un his enormous body. Thankyou for the Tanycophorus :wink:

im confused, does the website give you a little paragraph about its behavior?

Nope its think in logic. We are talking about of Creatures, may be they don’t live, But I think them how Alive and natural Creatures hehe

oh, ok. but if you think about it, in JWTG megatherium is a cavern. its not unlikely for this hybrid to blend in to the stalagmites in a cave.

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Good point

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