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What da y'all think of Ludia Support?

Title says all… place your reviews here!

Fast replies, quick fix. Great support, especially thanks to people like Ned and Davy, and to all the other mods too


I honestly like support, helpful…

Just The Long REPLY…

And yes, special thanks to @Ned and @Davy


Forum support guys are excellent.

In-game support… they are also pretty good. They are able to resolve most issues over the years. The turnaround time could be improved though.


100% what I was gonna say

I got a new phone back in August and before then on my old phone, I wasn’t connected to Facebook on JWTG or JWA so I wrote to support to get my account on to my new phone and I got a reply and both my accounts back later that day!


The only issue I have is with the email support. Not the really long wait times, but the fact that any issue comes with their first 3 messages being the typical unhelpful support stuff, like clearing cache, do I have enough memory, etc. even if I explain my issue in full detail. Other than that I applaud Ludia’s support staff.


For the most part I agree, although there have been issues. The biggest was how long it took to convince Support that the Custom Trade Bug was a real issue. Otherwise, my specific issues have typically been resolved satisfactorily, other than the ongoing global crash/stability issue


I agree with this especially. They work and reply fast, but there is the 3 questions of if you cleared cache, restart device, etc.


Only used it once, and it was a bad experience and really, REALLY soured my tastes for the support so i never used it again. ,was when i won the Megalosaurus pack from the tournament years ago, hatched it but it didn’t unlock, contacted ludia and told them to look in my park, as Megalo was obviously there but they said they wouldn’t unlock the ability to purchase it for some reason.


Hmm. If you were under lvl 60, and it was a bracketed tournament, or if you won the dominator pack off the wheel, you don’t unlock it. Both ways earns you 1 copy.



10 Char

This was back in 2015, just before the Lagoon came out, won it by completing the tournament, not on the spin wheel, but doesn’t really matter now anyway i won it when they released it again and it unlocked that time.


Pretty good, We are F2P and I have had them transfer accounts several times and they do it in good time they also tend to take care of your issues in a reasonable time as well.

My kids were into this other game, similar mechanics. Had to transfer accounts, took over a year and a half before they got it done. Months before I even got a reply that didn’t amount to squat, several re submits and nothing. I gave up on it, my kids lost interest because they couldn’t play and it was taking so long. Out of no where like 2 weeks ago get an email that asks if I still want these accounts transferred. I said yes, expecting nothing to come of it… again. But to my surprise they actually did it this time. Over a year and a half. That game has a big player base and is super pay to win. Can’t imagine they treat their VIP customers the same as F2P like we are but who knows.


I’ve contacted Ludia Support and although it took some time for them to respond ( my amber case took over 1 week ) but overall satisfied with them

Even if I still do those before sending the email and they have no effect, then Support kills the first day of talking because I gave to go in detail about how I already cleared cache/restarted/made sure I have enough memory/storage.

I could go into full detail about my problem and the things I did to try and solve it, and the first day is of no help because they still ask me if I’ve done those basic and common things (of which I have).

I don’t expect support staff to know me on a first name basis, it’s just frustrating when “did you try XYZ” is said in the first reply when I will literally say “I tried XYZ and it didn’t work.”

That’s where my frustration lies.