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What daily Rex has done to me:


Never cared much for daily missions until now. I guess this is what happens when you’re being offered atleast semi-decent DNA??
Now just waiting for my T.Rex timer to reset :stopwatch::grin:
Good move ditching Alanqa Ludia :clap:t4:


No wonder.:thinking:

Might be the first time I encounter you in pvp recently.
I think you weren’t so much active in arena battles before ver.1.6.


Nah, back then I just battled to keep the incubators full and that was about it.
The team Has grown a little since and I’ve been in the arena a lot more lately.

I’m pretty sure there’s a thread on here somewhere that would appreciate your throwback SS btw :sweat_smile:


I finally got my trex to 20. Now I just need to find some more kentro and anky.


that font… why can’t we have that font in english :frowning_face:


I’m loving all the extra T-rex DNA


Yes I personally don’t like Chinese UI because they translate hybrid creatures’ name too weird.

But I don’t want to change language setting for my phone only for this.:sweat_smile:


I can’t wait to just break 100. I’m at 95 right now and the fact that it doesn’t add up evenly is driving me crazy :joy:

@Asta getting rex from 15 to 20 was such a hard pillow to swallow …it ate up soo much DNA :cry:

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It really did. Mine sat at 16 for a few months so I could slowly build up dna. I stopped fusing i-rex to save dna. I got 367 rex dna from the strike tower yesterday and it was enough to get mine to 20 :slight_smile:

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Should I bother asking what you’re planning on darting later this week ? :sweat_smile:

I’m going all rex and Indom … I need every bit I can get :grin:

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Mostly Sino and Allosino. I’m determined to get Thor by the end of the week. I have only one unique and most people I battle have 2-4 where I’m currently at in the arena.
I do want to dart i-rex once and maybe Tryo or Spinota.