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What decides the limit when requesting gear in my guild?

I was under the impression that the limit for each request was based on my renown. But I have renown 16 and have a limit of 6 while someone with renown 14 has 12 in my guild. Is it based on something else as well? Such as e.g. VIP?

I thought it was renown as well, but perhaps it’s the level of gear?

:thinking: Are the gears being requested of the same Rarity, Joberan? VIP members has a higher limit as well.

It doesn’t seem to relate to level as It says my request limit is 30 for commons and 6 for rare before I select which items to request for.

Ludia didn’t mention anything in their release notes about requests that VIPs would get higher request limits.

It would be nice to have some transparency to these limits. I assumed I would have a higher limit going from 15 to 16 but still the same. Is that max for non-VIP? What happens at higher renown for VIP and non-VIP?