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What determines guild donations?

As the title says, what determines how much you can request / how much you can donate in a guild? At first I thought it was renown, but after checking others profiles, I don’t think so seeing how people with lower renown than me can request and donate twice as much as me.

I don’t remember the numbers but it is stated somewhere, maybe in the update post?, how much you can request and donate. I do know it is fewer for rares than it is for commons

I think you can request more if renown is higher but can still only donate so much?

It has been a while since I read it so I am sure someone will correct

Not sure that’s correct. I have level 17 renown as guild leader and can donate less than other members in the guild with less renown. One person said they can donate 4 rares at a time when I’m restricted to 3.

Hmm I donate 4 rares and my renown is at 15 or maybe it’s 16 right now

I’m renown 14 and can request 30 commons or 5 rares. Someone else in my guild is renown 13 and can request 50 commons. Another is renown 11 and can request 10 rares. Requests do not seem to be renown dependent.

Do people who are VIP get to donate and receive more?

I’d like to up this thread till we get an answer. FYI I’m at renown 20 and can request 7/30 while other with lower renown can request 11/70.
It’s not that I need the items, it’s just quite the puzzle why some can request more than others till we get the distribution key for it.
And please fix the issue with the game freezing after 10 donations…

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Same. I battle with whether to request donations that I don’t need so that other guildies can earn gp/xp, and which items to request, or whether to even donate, all because I need neither the items, gold or xp but want to help out. It’s a very weird dynamic that makes zero sense.

But it’s the arcane mystery of how on earth they make these calculations that I want to know the answer to. I’m edging 15th-level on all my toons and 18th rank and yet can still only donate 11 commons, 3 rares.

Anyone ever figure this out? I’m at renown 20 and it hasn’t changed from 7/35, the same as it was with renown 18. I’m also in the top few in terms of donating to others, so I don’t think it’s that either. Does anyone know if there isn’t an effect of average player level or VIP? I would love to be able to request more items, especially when I see guild members who can request double.

Im not sure what the ratio is but it was confirmed that VIP factors into request levels.

It was confirmed that VIP influences donations. I believe it doubles what you can request (unsure about how much you can donate).

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I am vip at renown 19 and can donate 6/22 and can request 14/70

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Then yes, it is double for requests and donations if you have VIP.